Visual Proof of his most sacred Noodly Goodness

Courtesy of the Church of the FSM

 20150307 Robot Pirates

20150307 Uranium emitting radiation inside a Cloud chamber


20140730: The Toastal Proof

Noodle in the sky

Evidence from Mars

Epoxy substrate

Egyptian evidence

August 2013: art

Even IBM believes in FSM
They made title it differently, but it is perhaps an homage to that which came before

June 2013:  The Egg tells all

This is surely not chance. Perhaps the hidden hand of the creator


 The most Noodly Birthday cake

August 2012: His presence is felt at the London Olympics

Cave Paintings

Quotations from the Prophet and other Sauces

Our religion has the extra benefit of being delicious

The FSM Prayer

Our spaghetti
Who art in the colander
Hallowed be thy sauce
Thy serving come
Thy strands be wrung
On forks as they are on spoons
Give us this day our daily meatball
And forgive us our starchiness
As we forgive those who are starchy against us
And lead us not into Kraft parmesan
But deliver us from Chef Boyardee
For thine is the garlic
And the onion and the bay leaves
For ever and ever.