Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday Sermon: Let Me Guess, Mysterious Ways

Two innocent, members of the public were recently murdered at  London bridge in England.   Whilst press and public outrage are right to focus on the murderous behaviour of the killer, Usman Khan,  there is also something more.

From the above article: [The victim]
Mr Merritt was a course coordinator for Learning Together, a prisoners' rehabilitation programme that was hosting the conference at Fishmongers' Hall at the north end of London Bridge

Answers on a Postcard

I think we all know somebody close who is still Religious.  Your task then is politely ask this person why an all knowing and loving God would plan (or certainly not stop) this action.

To remind us, the Murdered Mr Merrit was helping with a prisoners rehabilitation programme and the murderer Khan was an attendee.

What sort of justice is this?

It's almost as if the proclaimed God or Gods did not actually exist.


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