Friday, November 29, 2019

What the Truck is Going On?

This week Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck. If you missed the full presentation you can catch up here in just 5 minutes

For a longer analysis consult Fully Charged


In many of my discussions or 'rants' I often come back to the same fundamental.

That of the rights of the individual to make bad decisions.  

And so I segway into the passion of many suburban American families: to own a pickup or truck.  I always imagine it would be written into any 2019 Constitution, because it seems to be such a dearly held belief and apparent need.  In Europe and in the UK from where I write this, that right may be conflicted by the facts that our roads and parking spaces are smaller.

So even if you have the means, and desire to own an inevitably large Pickup, driving it around becomes a pain once the initial excitement factor has worn off, assuming you have no actual need for this type of vehicle.

Based on Desires

I really want to think abut the typical (non need) motivations for Truck, Pickup, or in this case a Cybertruck ownership

- Looking Good/Different
- Making a Statement
- Crash paranoia  (the other party will come off worse)

But really, a truck?  A Land Rover, Range Rover classic (priced from 80K GBP) provide adequate ways to satisfy the above criteria.    And also provide a capable off roader with 4 wheel drive with simultaneously luxurious and capaciously practical abilities.

Based on Price

And to make a financially discreet statement the exclusive Range Rover range steps in nicely,  in case the Bentley Bentayga is a statement too far

CyberTruck for Whom?

So here is my shortlist of decent reasons to go ahead and order

- You need a truck because you are frequently carrying large loads or hauling.  Example a builder or working with horses

- You are passionate about Electric vehicles and see this as the only future to replace your existing Truck/ pickup

- You don't mind putting down a deposit and Bankrolling Tesla, this is a well established Tesla technique.  This vehicle won't ship until 2021 and probably later in the UK

231.7″ long, 79.8″ wide, 75.0″ high
588.5cm long, 202.7cm wide, 190.5cm high

- You really want to make a statement and are not put off by the fact that excepting on your own private land, nowhere in the UK will driving or parking be easy.

I'm not convinced.  For UK and Europe, if you don't need a load bed (pickup) or hauling (truck), then funds permitting, buy an entry level Porsche Taycan instead.