Sunday, November 03, 2019

Sunday Sermon: Recycling, decluttering and simplification (from the heart)

I have noted earlier that we have a house with only 1 Bedroom, and storage is limited.  Nevertheless it is still possible to accumulate, well junk!

After this Saturday morning's Park run Marcus' next task was to resort thru my collection of Electronics boxes.  As an Engineer I am allowed the excuse of 'I might re purpose that into something useful'.

But after a few years of inactivity one can argue for some things their time has past.  The photo below shows some of the Power Adapters that I am recycling.

Only on a Saturday the local government allows you to deposit electro trash to be collected by the Learber Driving Centre.  And  (my personal theory is that) they also allow Enthusiasts to come and take, thus reducing their recycling effort.

I understand that the Enthusiasts may actually be able to re-use some of the items that are for Marcus, possibly too low down the technology chain.   Our Power Adapters had the UK plugs cut off and then they were immediately taken away.

A Simple Plea
Look around your house and determine what items you'll probably never use again.   Sentimental items aside  (although this should not be a get out clause!),  what items can you happily recycle.

Give those items another life
Make your home more spacious
And perhaps in the longer term be more mindful if you continue to buy to excess.

It's just common sense, assuming you accept that you live in a world with finite resources,  you have finite finances, and that you choose to care.