Monday, November 25, 2019

Skipton Santa Run

The venue is Skipton in England and team Marcus, Agata, Robert and Hilary are participating in the Skipton Santa Fun Run.

There is a 5km fun run distance, as well as a 3km wheelchair course.

The night before we began to try on our costume.  This was part of the race entry fee.  This is quite shrewd organisation as it means the starting line is going to be filled with identical looking Santas.  Wonderful.

We arrived over an hour early and so there was plenty of time to investigate the many and quite often food related stalls.

We Started

Helpfully runners were in self organised into 3 categories: running, jogging and walking.  Marcus and Agata set off running but our progress was mostly hampered by other slower runners ahead of us on the starting line.  But this is a fun run, so well, we just smiled and overtook one by one.

The weather was dry and mild and by the end of the 5km course we had both overheated.  The Santa uniforms were on top of our regular running gear.  Hot indeed.

Lap #2

Since Rob and Hilary were slower around the course we decided to set out on another lap to catch them up.

We managed to find them at our 8.2km  (they had done 3.2km therefore)
The thing is,  when you move more slowly, things just get into a Santa Jam.

 And don't forget the great Santa Line

We finished in good cheer and with many smiles.

Great times as usual.  Running, Exercise, Good conversation: what is there not to like?