Thursday, November 07, 2019

Not Your Greatest Fan

Stan: Your greatest Fan

Even if you are not the greatest fan of the UK Parliament and the parties that have all contributed to a BREXIT fiasco, you should still exercise your voting right.  The UK Election is of course due on December 12 2019

So: Check that you are registered.

You have until November 26 2019 to register if not done so already.

Now that Marcus is back resident in the UK I have made sure my registration is properly made.  (If you are outside of the UK for more than 15 years you are not allowed to vote, even if you are a British citizen, and so whilst previously living in Switzerland I had no voice, despite by the way paying UK taxes every year)

This is the main link for Voter Registration

A Vote in Person
This link

A Postal Vote
How to Apply for a Postal Vote
PDF Form to complete

The Voting Record

If you look at the rightmost column you will see that the Turnout to vote has fallen below 70% since 1997.  I just can't understand why everybody does not vote.  Why would you refuse to participate in the democratic process, and have your say?  If it was upto me, I'd make it compulsory as in other countries like Australia