Monday, November 04, 2019

Never a Guys Guy

I think I can say that I'm lucky that I never had the opportunity to be, nor now would want to be considered a 'Guys Guy'.

You know, the loud beefcake, probably short on thinking and majoring on 'did you spill my beer' and shall we 'go outside and fight about it'

But equally the later in life, a pot bellied saddo who rocks up to his friends with another, decades younger girlfriend.

If I was
in this category then yes,  I'd have a new announcement to make:

Yes, at my age, I'm dating a student again

A New Passion

Agata has a new passion and it is Gardening.  So much so that she has just signed up to a student course at a renowned UK college.

Today she is planting 100 bulbs in the garden so that next Spring 2020 we will have a wonderful sight to see.

Meanwhile Marcus

I've got the Internet connection working,  using a 4G SIM and dongle in a pretty rural location.  I'm chuffed

In part I tested out the new connection by listening to an additional dose of Radio 4.  What a delight this continues to be especially when away from our home base.

I managed a nice long rural walk, sadly only one kitty was found and she ran away all too quickly

Finally I continued my role as chief photographer in the family.  Everybody knows that is the difficult bit.

And so
If you do bump into Marcus sitting in a bar, I'll be the guy telling you about my new Amazon Family Prime Student membership.  Yeah baby!