Friday, November 08, 2019

My week with the Apple iPhone 4

Not for the first time I'm reaching out to the Internet for hugs and sympathy as a week enduring the Apple iPhone 4 is nearly over.

The Marcus and Agata home scene has been expletive rich this week indeed.

After several years of faultless service Agata is gifting away her beloved Apple iPhone 6S.  

Think of  those film clips where an actor hands something they are not keen to giveaway. And as the recipient tries to take it, you sort of still hold on to it, and they have to practically pull it our of your hand, whilst you grimace trying not to let it go.

This was the sort of handover scene.  Agata was rather upset to see her iPhone go.   We are still waiting for a replacement and so, we thought 

I know, we'll just use that old iPhone 4

Now this was not a bad phone, well in 2010.  But in 2019 it is a bloody disaster.  Here is what we found

+ It's very nice and small  (but unexpectedly heavy!)

+ 32GB disk  (in 2010!!)  Wow, this phone was bought when Marcus and Agata were considerably richer!

+ I was able to configure Spotify, ie it installed and it did not crash  (like many other apps)

+ I was able to configure marcus' Aeropex headphones.  This is a surprise as it does not have Bluetooth LE low energy


- It's a 32bit processor iPhone and so not supported by Apple anymore.  It's running iOS version 7

- Full specifications here

- Many other applications either refused to install or crashed continuously.  Example Strava.

- Usually the Apple store would chime in with:  This app is obsolete, would you like to install the last working version?

- Even the Chrome browser was un-usably slow

- The swearing, foul language and screaming quotient in our home this week has exceeded all expectations

- Overall, Spotfiy aside, the phone is basically unusable as a day to day phone.  I did use it well as a Running Phone  (small, compact, makes phone calls and takes reasonable pictures).


The Apple iPhone 4 still actually works.  But most applications are so slow as to be unusable or won't actually load and run correctly.

If your have but small funds this phone is now available for sale.  It's the perfect surprise Christmas gift to that entitled child who is sure that the iPhone 11 Pro is the package they are unwrapping.

Get it Here :-)  Link

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