Saturday, November 30, 2019

Keep it Simply Labelled Stupid

This is a message about many things, including labelling and simplicity.

For over 48 hours now Marcus has been battling, with minimal sleep to recover my personal Workstation with over 8TB of scrambled data.

I referred to the disaster here.  Suffice to say that I took my own advice and I am slowly transferring all the data to a newly (and possibly temporarily) built NAS  (Network Attached Storage).

After which time I will reformat the troubled volume and erase the ReFS formatted disk and reformat with good old NTFS.  

I've had some time to investigate the disaster and it seems that many users have had the problem of a ReFS volume become raw after a Windows upgrade.  The only recovery is to restore from a backup, or as in my case attach the disk to a different version of windows that can read your data

Some references here

It All started with Black Friday
The troubles first surfaced when I rushed to test some of the new purchases that I have made in the week long Amazon Black Friday jamboree.

As a result of the data disaster all testing of items such as the above is halted until all of my data is restored.

What has been of most Value?
Apart from Coffee, and talking to Agata, the winning item that has kept my sanity I have to say is the above Dymo Labelling machine.

So far I have labelled

- The now RAW format 10TB disk that I am trying to recover
- The 2 x 4TB staging disks
- The above cache board, not used yet until the recovery is made when I will reconfigure my system to take advantage
- All the Computer wires and sockets on the server  (about 20 labels in all) so I know exactly where to plug what.  (I've had to take the server apart and back several times during this recovery)
- Some of the new Black Friday Security equipment, reviews to follow

The above LetraTag machine never let me down.  Moreover whilst I've been considering upgrading to a Wireless product I just realise the portable, far simpler, with keyboard, only 25 GBP device is actually best for me.

I am +48 hours into data recovery.  I am confident it will all work out, but it will take over 100 hours with constant baby sitting to get everything right again.

Meanwhile, I just keep thinking, of all that money spent upto this Black Friday has bought me only grief thus far.  Conversely  my economically priced and every dependable labelling machine has been the real star of this week.

Really recommended

And with that I will leave you with something joyful ...

Hear it for the Boy