Thursday, November 28, 2019

Farewell to Google Hangouts (Hello WhatsApp)

Subtitle: Google Hangouts, cancelled due to lack of Interest

Marcus has been a faithful if not proud user of Google Hangouts for many years now.  Hangouts is a multi platform communications tool from Google.  Besides text you can copy paste in photographs or even start a video call.

So why change?

Mostly because of Google's meh lack of interest.  Not only did they profess a move to other tools  Allo and Duo, Google then declared it would be shutting down Allo and probably Hangouts too.

With this level of disinformation I've now fully migrated to WhatsApp

Liking WhatsApp

My initial dislike & hatred of the product stemmed from a family members insistence that it should be the only tool they would use.  No email or Facebook, just WhatsApp.

As such I made it a point of principle never to use WhatsApp!

But now I'm no longer in communication (with them) I am free, and have embraced the product.   Here is what I like about WhatsApp

- Runs on Android and iOS and macOS and Windows.  i.e. supported by all the major platforms

- Using I can chat in a browser window instead.  This is the winning feature IMHO!

- Able to make Video or Audio Calls

- End to End Encryption means that nobody between the sender and receiver can decrypt the communication

- No data is stored by WhatsApp, its all on your local device, which you may choose to backup to your Cloud  (so that you can restore in the event of a backup)

X Needs a Phone number to communication.  Well it has to tie into something unique I suppose

- Can have group conversations

And So

Yes I'm a WhatsApp convert.  Please Facebook (i.e new owner) stay interested in your product and thus don't make me have to switch again  ... I mean ever!