Tuesday, November 05, 2019

2 Month Review: Aftershokz Aeropex

Aftershokz Aeropex

In August 2019 I said goodbye to my Aftershokz Air headphones.  Quite possibly the best ever wireless headphones I have owned ... until now.

I've replaced them with the Aftershokz Aeropex and above is my video review.

I'm away from my home base, sans tripod.  My Smartphone just failed so I'm making this video on a loaned iPhone.  Apologies therefore for the poor camera angles, shaking and everything!  It was the above video or nothing.  Desole.

Note that I keep mispronouncing them Aftershockz.  In fact it is Aftershokz

This is an excellent product.  I use Aeropex for over an hour per day, every day, often 2 hours plus.  To remind you of the basics: these headphones don't have speakers that sit in your ear.  Rather they produce physical vibrations on the surface of your ear i.e. outside  

Since your ears are still uncovered you can hear normal sounds and conversation in the normal way (in addition to the audio you hear thru the bone conduction). As you increase the volume level the ambient sounds are relatively diminished but you can always hear them to some extent.

Here are the summary points:

- A positive step up from the Aftershokz Air in terms of being lighter and the proprietary charge connector is now IP67 waterproof, unlike the gaping micro USB hole of the Aftershokz Air model

- 3 hour plus battery life.  (Battery life percentage visible when paired to your Android phone)

- Proprietary charge cable, 2 supplied in the box, so one can be at work and one at home etc.

- All button controls, meaning start stop, volume, power on off all via buttons, not a touchpad, meaning it works 100% in wet conditions or whilst using gloves

- Open ear design, so don't try to use this on a plane

- Surprisingly robust design.  Comes in a carry case but I find that I don't need to use it

- UK Athletics Race legal, so for competitions allowing music you have some chance that the race organiser will allow this

- I use this with my Garmin 945 watch to play music meaning that I no longer have to carry a phone whilst training or racing.  A major step forward!

- If so configured to the Garmin then whilst competing you can have your Garmin Voice prompts come thru with your music too.  Example Pace and Lap pace. A superb combination.

- 25 gram weight is lighter than the Air and a lot lighter than the gen1 Titanium

- Price in November 2019 is about 150 GBP.  I'd recommend buying via Amazon UK since they have a no quibble return policy should these headphones not suit you.

Besides Amazon customer service you have a 2 year warranty via the official UK distributor and website.

Official Aeropex UK
Amazon UK link to Aeropex
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