Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Always Dead with Peter James

I can attribute my latest Audiobook addiction of the Roy Grace thriller novels to the appallingly mediocre programs interface to Audiobooks, available from our UK library.

In the UK you are entitled to join a local library and their service is now not just physical books but downloadable audio books.

One day whilst out training I came to the end of an Audiobook and so had to hurriedly find something else to keep me occupied

Our Warwickshire library and many others use the Borrowbox application but the search function by genre and narrowing down is basically unusable.  Hence my blanket search of the word dead

which has led me to the discovery of the Peter James set of novels ...

The Roy Grace Series

Amazingly it turns out that the author Peter James has a set of 15 novels and counting, of the policeman Roy Grace.  And each novel includes the word dead in it, thus very easy for me to find on Borrowbox :-)

They are also available on Audible UK

In Summary

There is no excuse for such an amateurish Library book / audiobook application interface such as Borrowbox. But on the plus side it did lead me to author Roy Grace and for that I am very grateful.  This detective series is thoughtful and gripping.   Recommended.

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