Friday, September 06, 2019

What Pricepoint For Your Next Smartphone?

I hope you have not forgotten but it is Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin this week.  I'd call it IFA 2019 for short. At last a chance for an exhibition in a country that is not plagued with 'fake news' where that is taken to be news that you don't like.  But I slightly digress.

I'd ask you to watch the above 10 minute presentation.  Their flagship 7.2 phone is going to be an astonishingly low 299 euros  (that's about 299 GBP in a few months).

There are also companion earbuds and entry level 'just phones' at low low prices.

These Nokia phones make even my favourite enthusiast vendor, namely Oneplus look way way too expensive.

In 2019 and 2020 the phone market pricing structure is dropping faster than the chances of a EU BREXIT deal.

Apple may have come up with a wonderful pre announcement flyer for their closed event on September 10th 2019, but on that day I ask you to please consider their supposed innovations in relation to their price point.

Let's see if Nokia does still not capture the hearts, minds, but more importantly pockets of the many.