Monday, September 09, 2019

Recycling Shame?

Marcus keeps a single large translucent IKEA box in the cave.   It contains two types of clothing

a) Freebies,  well, clothing that is part of a Race entry received that we did not use.   For example any short sleeved T shirt, which I cannot wear due to my sun skin allergy.  (I need long sleeves).  They are kept and freecycled to other runners at every opportunity!

b) Tired or Torn clothing which is to be Recycled or used for tasks like painting, or rags to clean bicycles et al

And this last Sunday a small crisis:  The Box is now full

So I have to decide what to recycle and this is what is now packed up to Clothes recycling this Monday.

On the left, the shorts recommended to me by Monty Young of Condor Cycles, well it must be over 30 years ago!  I don't wear shorts anymore due to the allergy, but I kept these as a memoir.  Going

Moving right, one of my zillion Black M&S heatgen tops.  Part of my ninja clothing style means a lot of black tops and they are retired when they have had more than 200 washes.

Next 4 cycling jerseys.  It's difficult to find long sleeved thin ones and so 3 of them are from Decathlon when they used to make same.  They don't any more :-(   They have always been annoying since the single large rear pocket means stuff just slides around.  I've really tried to wear them out, but to be honest they are still usable, just totally impractical

Right to some Waterproof socks, gloves, buff and hat.  All have holes and the expensive Sealskin socks completed the Arc of Attrition but then failed.

Last some more tops that have been used at least 200 times and washed 200 times plus.  They are really tired and the fabric is so wafer thin as to be embarrassing


#1 I am all for looking smart, or sharp, or however you'd like to call it.  In a business setting Professional and in a sports setting appropriate.  But I have little time, or respect for fashion clothing.

By fashion clothing I mean typically something that is used to make a statement, worn seldom and then discarded or freecycled.   To me just wasteful

#2  It is just great when my clothes actually wear out! Then they are destined for either the mend pile or the above recycle / painting box :-)

#3 Being able to recycle clothes does not exempt you from the waste of buying excessive quantities, using them sparingly or once, and then taking to recycling.  Much recycling means just shredding and using for filling.  A waste on so many levels

So in the above analysis, only the Cycling tops proved sustained errors of judgement.   Not bad really, my environmental crimes of wastage I submit, are really at a minimum.

Summary Thoughts

Do you have cupboards of clothes that you never wear?  I mean ever?  Perhaps not fitting?  Why are you keeping them?

Do you continue to buy clothes even when you have the same style unused at home? Or other clothes that you could wear equivalently but don't, and I mean ever

At the very least why not get out your clothes by category and check what you last used when.

Are you not only wasting money on clothes but fuelling a large over manufacturing clothes industry?