Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BREXIT Audio Resources

No deal BREXIT is fast approaching.  Marcus and Agata are as well prepared as we can be.   I've already discussed both financial safeguarding options as well as physical 'being elsewhere' options around the actual exit.

For now I'd like bring to your attention 3 Audio resources that are keeping me sane.

Although with each and every laugh I feel like I am part of the orchestra playing on the deck of the Titanic, let me continue:

#1 Brexitcast

The most knowledgeable and inside factual look at brexit.  If you have an insider view, you know who to tweet it to.  Yes the Brexitcast team.

Last episode here at time of writing

#2 Spotify
If you have a proper, i.e. non freeloader Spotify subscription you can instantly find music to suit your Remain or Leave viewpoint. Just search for brexit.

#3 The News Quiz

Since this is a satirical look at the weeks news which is now >80% BREXIT related you can guess what the focus of the news quiz is each and every week.

In this latest episode from Series 100 EP2Hugo Riftkind gives a brilliant summary of the weeks complications and then the hilarity continues.  Do listen carefully

Happy listening dear all.