Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Apple Announcements September 2019

Apple Event 20190910

Rather than watch the whole event I'd first go for the

14 minute Engadget

or 11 minute Verge Summary

The videos tell you what was announced so I shall not repeat that here.

Summary Analysis

The best video Analysis comes yet again from Brian Tong.   Please follow his channel  I'd also recommend Snazzy Labs

+ As an Apple critic even I was impressed

+ watch5 has always on display

+ iPhone 11, 3 formats,  Pro & Pro Max has a 3 (normal, wide, really wide) 12MP only camera lenses.  (else the regular 11 has 2 lenses). Enhanced front camera

+ Many in software photographic enhancement techniques used by others e.g. Android to take multiple photos and combine, special night mode, welcome and should apply to existing models

- 3D touch has died, not on new iPhones.

+ Support for Wifi 801.11ax aka Wifi6

+ new entry level iPad with marginally bigger 10.2 inch screen ... Meh

= Apple arcade game subscription ... Meh

- No Macbook Pro announcements

- No Mac Pro announcements

+ No 5G support for phones (in reality a good thing)

- No Security Tag announcement

- Not clear if the published prices will deviate for non US customers based on China tariff escalations

- Claimed better iPhone battery life.  Meh, it's great already

- Fast iphone performance.  Meh, it's great already.

- No jump to USB-C ... very disappointing

- No wireless phone chargers announced

- No bilateral wireless charging i.e. can't charge headphones

Management Summary (UK/Switzerland)

New watch5 (399 GBP/   450CHF and iphone 11pro (1048 GBP / 1199 CHF) look pretty good.  watch5 has always on display. iPhone11 has new 3 camera setup, 8billion transistor A13 CPU.   New iOS software will bring most camera and other benefits to existing iphone X users. Apple TV Plus (5GBP/ 6CHF) per month.  AND: No new Macbook. iPhone   11 no 5G. Apple did not switch to USB-C