Monday, August 12, 2019


Marcus and Agata have a small confession to make.  It is that for the last month or so we have been drinking Unpasteurised milk.  Sometimes referred to as Raw Milk.

I'm not going to dwell or discuss the Ethical detriments of drinking animal milk  (cow, goat, sheep etc) milk here.  In the last 6 months we've also been experimenting with every non animal milk we could find internationally.  This is the subject of another article.

We found that a local farmer here in Vaud Switzerland has their own herd of cows and the milk from his herd is decanted into litre bottles and put outside his farm thus

Inside the fridge is an honesty box and you take as many litre bottles as you require, each is priced at 1.80 CHF  .  This is about 1.54 GBP at today's exchange rates.

Here is an example litre product

And here are two empties that we recycle back to him now that they are empty

The summary points are this

- The milk is delicious, though that is subjective

- It is very high in fat content as can be seen from the cream that floats to the top if the full bottle is not shaken after being placed still for an hour or more.

I'm sure the fat content exceeds the 3% sold in the supermarket.  Probably cal-horrific.

- It is unpasteurised milk i.e. raw milk.   This by definition has not been head pasteurised and so could easily be harmful to you

In our case we take the recommendation of two families who have used the product for years without ill effect and who claim it is produced very hygienically.

- It's an extremely efficient manufacturing process.  The milk is produced by cows living less than 3km away from our home.  We can almost walk and could certainly cycle there.  Used milk bottles and tops are recycled back to the provider.  There is no carton waste.  No energy is expended sending the milk for pasteurisation and then to a centralised warehouse and then to a Supermarket.  It's produced and bottled right here on this farm.

So we are still very much alive and enjoying our raw milk month.