Sunday, August 04, 2019

Sunday Moan: Escaping This World

I was drawn to the ASAP Rocky detention case when first referred to by the self proclaimed

Very Stable Genius at that

That Genius seemed to want the release of ASAP Rocky without due legal process in Sweden.  IMHO  

- An astonishing ignorance of the Legal process of democratic countries (including the USA)  where the judiciary are separated from the Government.

- A lack of respect to Sweden

- And arguably for Poland in another case

- And then sent the USA's Hostage Envoy, Robert O'Brien to Stockholm to represent this matter.

- This comes at a time when these words are part of an ugly, foully characteristic pattern. I think Romesh Ranganathan's article is an Opinion piece that should be read.

  - The world's latest thoughts are found here

But these points are along the path to something else

I followed this link  which leads to the following embedded video

and I focused in on the headwear that Rakim Athelaston Mayers was wearing ...

I suppose that the brand can only exist for the claimed almost 20 years if enough people want to buy their merchandise.  I kept wondering whether I could make a case for people publicly displaying this to deprave and corrupt.  Well, it was just a thought.

In Summary Then

It appears that the leader of the free world knows nothing about the Judicial process of a Democratic country

The latest /Send her Back/ outburst further legitimises Xenophobia not just in North America but internationally

ASAP Rocky, music aside, can be judged in some part by the video that the well respected NME shot and is advertised above.

He wears clothing that I consider offensive but the brand is apparently almost 20 years old, and so must have enough buyers worldwide who think it's appropriate clothing and accessories.

His track record on aggravated legal incidents is growing

I refer everybody to my original graphic statement: