Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Simple Free Euphoria

Radio1 Prom

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that in 2019 some of the best things in life are now free. Of course musical preferences are subjective, and should you read the YouTube comments you see how it's very easy for some to trash the hard work of the few.  Still ...  I didn't just publish the latest set from my YouTube feed from Radio1 example  Annie Mac: Kolsch

No indeed, instead, I did search the Radio1 Channel for IMHO some great sets.   Are you ready? I  hand picked 4 (from over 50)

Free, high quality dance music, with video.


01 Claptone, Cafe Mambo, Ibiza 2017

02 Duke Dumont, Ibiza 2015

03 Krystal Klear, Ibiza 2018

04 Mella Dee, Denis Sulta, Cafe Mambo, Ibiza 2018