Thursday, August 08, 2019

Not Just Smitten but Bitten

It has been a quite painful 7 days or more because Marcus and Agata are currently living in beautiful but hostile territory.  Hostile mainly to humans though because our location has been rural Cugy, canton Vaud, Switzerland.

To recap, in Vaud Switzerland it is normally upwards of 30 degrees C during the summer months.  And this year living close to both a forest and farm we have been subjected to a large unwelcome population of ...

- Mosquitoes
- Horse Flies
- Cohorts of other unwelcome buzzing creatures. Some benign like the Ivory Band Hoverfly upto Hornets that are a little more dangerous
- Possible Fleas

This unruly combination has led us to try and fight back


Using Amazon UK we ordered a Professional 30W bug zapper.  Of course Amazon won't deliver to Switzerland so we staged it to the UK.

Then our problems begun.   To post this package to Switzerland it was a staggering 30 GBP and then we would have to deal with Swiss customs

Whilst the rules seem to have changed to allow personal 100 CHF deliveries without duty it could more likely be accepted under the old 5 CHF rule, meaning a tac free limit price of only 60 CHF, meaning that our package including postage would then face another levy of about 30 CHF.

Just unacceptable, so we have had to cancel the one device that might best help us, on the grounds it just had no decent chance of arriving  (Oh and don't forget you can't get parcels delivered unless your name is on the PostBox and ours is not yet formally)

Why Switzerland

Friends might be curious as why we are here at all.  A number of reasons not the least of which is an EXIT,  ask anybody in the UK, many people are planning to be elsewhere in the next few months.   But I digress


We have had to fall back on the following manual old-skool technology to get us thru this current situation.  It is

I'm required to be in the nearby woods several times per day.  After activity I come back and have a shower.  Any bugs will hopefully be washed away.

Any bites are immediately covered in Tesco Deep Freeze Gel.  It numbs the pain for at least 45 minutes by which time I try to forget about the latest bite.

Right now I have over 10 and possibly upto 20 bites on my sensitive body.  How I can be so susceptible I just cannot imagine.

Before sleeping this anti Mosquito liquid repellent is switched on.  This has reduced to zero the mosquito invasion that was the scourge of every night.

All windows and doors are kept closed whenever possible.  Necessary openings as above have a chain-mail hanging so that horse flies are discouraged from entering

And finally any flying biting thing that enters the house is shown no clemency.  It is immediately the target of an early dispatch to fly heaven.  

And So

It's been an interesting time of late because whilst Switzerland may be beautiful, at least in rural areas biting flies and mosquitoes, especially in these globally warmed times, are really becoming a problem for humans.