Saturday, August 03, 2019

Correcting The Human Error Rate

Marcus is still smarting that I have found yet another rather useful YouTube Channel.  The above video explains how Fibre Optic cables are essential to modern Internet Traffic.

And then I thought about Error rates more broadly, because with Fibre the Bit Error rate is less that 10 to the power of -12  (That is 0.000000000001 ).  Now that is low to me.

And ... Being Human

As humans our error rate is measurably higher.  One can of course argue in an Evolutionary context that our inability to perfectly reproduce a task; and the introduction of error, can occasionally lead to a positive discovery.  

I would like to counter however that as society and technology develops, the number of accidental discoveries that lead to any real progress tends towards zero.

But the subject of this ramble is that of ones own error rate and what the variables are.  I think it comes down to

- What else is going on  (multitasking ability)

- Your Intelligence, or lack of it

- How hard and how many times did you try

- How many times did I check it


- Entitlement Culture  (that's just the way I am)

When I detect an error prone tendency in any area of endeavour I hope friends will agree that in a  I am simply, more determined to try harder, and check more diligently.

The Summary Position

I don't think society or the state or your parents can or should guarantee any individual unconditional equality and opportunity regardless.

If we try hard, if we overcome obstacles,  if we use whatever Intelligence we are born with, then we can reduce our error rate.  And consequentially we deserve more than somebody who believes Entitlement Culture means they deserve it all with as little effort as they can get away with.

Live Long, Work hard, Try hard & Prosper