Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Your Negligence ... Is Going to Hurt

Marcus and Agata have a small but difficult story to tell.  Some nights past we had a sleepover at a close friends house.  The topic of conversation touched on our lifelong friends' parents, who have steadfastly refused to exercise for the last 15 years.

We know it is 15 years because my friend  (name withheld) told us a tearful story about how she recalled the exact moment that she had pleaded that her parents should exercise.

But nothing happened, apart from several subsequent parental dressing downs and hateful and spiteful words that left the kids, even as adults, well crying.  It is now 15 years later and their parents health is now at a critically bad level.

This situation coincides at a time when I am just finishing the above Audio book by Adam Kay  I do recommend it to all.  It tells the story from the other side.  That of a Junior Doctor as he progresses thru the medical ranks in the face of chronic UK National Health Service under-funding and patient overloading.

The Takeaway Points

- I thoroughly recommend this Audiobook to all

- I still passionately believe in Daily Exercise

- If you are in the less than 0.1% who at an elderly age (say 50+) are still able to eat what you like, do no exercise, and remain athletic and still remain in shape, then you can celebrate your good DNA fortune and stop reading now.

- Else, if you are older and becoming obese, or sedentary,  or just continually tired; the greater your need to do something.  And rather, that doing nothing is not only a ticket to your early grave

- Doing nothing guarantees that you will have more medical issues and that I the tax payer will have to pay for your medical care

- Doing nothing means that any ill health that you will face, especially in later life will be a source of concern, and worry, and possibly financial ruin to your family, especially your children

- Doing something can be start as something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or committing to a daily walk

- As well as daily exercise, diet becomes critically important especially later in life.   If you really are committed to a zero exercise lifestyle then you can partially offset this crime by eating healthily.  This means not binge eating, it means eating healthy foods, quality foods, not trash. It especially means quality over quantity.

- If you are retired, or perhaps Unemployed  (let me guess, health issues?) then you have the opportunity to buy lower cost, unprocessed foods, and actually spend the time in actually cooking something, for yourself, every day.

- This week Marcus and Agata finish our role as motivators, helpers and teachers to a group of runners who participate in the UK Government, NHS Supported Couch to 5K running programme

We started with over 50 people with whom we have had the pleasure to run and encourage over the last 8 weeks.

Steadily, we have watched numbers shrink, just a little, but for those who have kept at it, with us, we have noticed your improvement.  From week 1 where our ducklings are only expected to run for 60 second segments, to last night where our pupils can now in the majority of cases manage a 30 minute continuous run.

We are so proud of our students and this Saturday the finalists are all invited to a local Park Run as their graduation.

In a nutshell it is this simple: Few of us live in an isolated bubble. If you have any friends and family who care about you please consider the aggregate hurt that your own negligence causes to them.  To me, making zero effort to improve your own physical state makes no sense in the long run, and especially as you become older.