Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Swimming at Ragley Hall

Ragley Hall is not only our local Stately Home, it's also one of the most industrious businesses in the area.  You will recall the Ibiza concert this weekend.  Yes at Ragley.

Quite honestly, running a Stately Home is an insanely expensive business, especially considering the large gardens that are expected to be kept in a decent condition.

So Marcus and Agata in conjunction with Evesham Vale Triathletes (EVT) are proud to support Tuesday Night Open Water Swimming at Ragley.

The Deal

So for a 6 GBP fee or 5 GBP for EVT members you get a 2 hour open water swimming session with changing rooms, a 800 metre marked course loop, and full safety monitoring.

This week Agata was helping with the safety spotting as shown above

Meanwhile Marcus was helping with the checkin and checkout of swimmers.    (You need to make a one off wrist band purchase which is digitally scanned on entrance and exit of the lake)


In England it is quite difficult to find Open Water swim training venues at any price.  Here in Warwickshire you have the opportunity of a nice large swimming lake, available weekly at decent rates.   Come on over, why don't you?

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