Thursday, July 04, 2019

July The 4th Indeed

By the time you read this the leader of the free world will have implemented a playbook in Washington DC that is the favourite of despots and dictatorships around our planet.

Yes, tanks and other displays of military might on your Independence Day.

  • An Air Force B-2 stealth bomber
  • Navy F-35 and F-18 fighter jets
  • The Navy Blue Angels aerial acrobatics team
  • Army and coast guard helicopters
  • Marine V-22 Ospreys
  • Bradley fighting vehicles
  • 60 tonne Army Abrams battle tanks
  • The presidential Air Force One and Marine One aircraft

My Dear Americans

On this your Independence day I am thinking of you all, and I can only suggest that you concentrate on the wordplay of Rockets towards something as far away as possible from a vulgar demonstration of military might. .   Here is my suggestion


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