Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Car Maintenance UK: The Plenty

It is a terribly sad fact that having been away from English shores for over 15 years our optimistic view was that the roads would be better when we had returned.

Think again.

Apparently the honest answer is that Local Government is in charge of the roads i.e. highway verges and tarmac roads, but has no money.  We live in Warwickshire UK and Warwickshire council is responsible.

The sad fact is that Local Government feels that National Government does not provide them enough funds and decides on a policy of /make do where necessary/ when it comes to roads.

It's a patch the holes strategy.  I mean literally

In other words, it is a do nothing until there is a problem, rationale.

Partially because of the state of UK roads, we often check the car, and particular the tyres for stones and nails, and today we found the latter.  Yes a nice nail embedded into the tyre.

In 2019 driving a car without a spare tyre  (just a compressor and tube of glue) the rule is of course ...

dont take the nail out, goto a garage.

Land Of Plenty

Although the road quality has deteriorated in 15 years something has got a lot better:  Google indexing of Local Services.

Google told us that in neighbouring Bidford and Alcester there were over 5 Tyre specialists.   On further investigation it turned out that one shop has 3 different names and websites.  Hmmm, we did not go there.

Instead we arrived to Bidford Tyres, within walking distance from my beloved Budgens

We had to wait a while, but thanks to our Internet connected Radio we were not board, simply connecting to the Internet and actually catching up on my YouTube subscriptions.   We love this Xtrons radio!

The technician was polite and efficient and he turned around our tyre repair in under 15 minutes.  Top stuff.

Learning Points

I'm sorry to report that the state of the UK roads has deteriorated in the last 15 years.  Roads with irregular surfaces, potholes and debris and now commonplace

The Internet and Google makes it easier to find Auto services even if some of them masquerade as multiple websites, presumably to attract more trade.   We don't give such enterprises our custom.

We eventually got fast, efficient service and a decent price.  We can not imagine this would have been possible in our old home of Switzerland.  Living in England makes some things so very very easy.