Friday, July 05, 2019

Another Too Late Honda

The "we have not quite been ready to enter the market" ploy is the passive aggressive marketing line trotted out by so many vendors, but especially those in the Motor Industry.

It's close to the tagline of every Sports Car manufacturer who whispers to a journalist that their "911 killer" is just around the corner.

So with great excitement as a Honda fan, and owner of Honda cars from CRX to NSX in my time, I not only saw the e Prototype at auto shows, but notice a tidal wave of Honda advertising as this vehicle is now available for limited journo testing.

Roberts 13 minute review is above

Nick Summers review from Goodwood is here

UK Incentives Position

Hybrid Car  - no discount (was 2500 GBP)

Full Electric - 3500 GBP  (was 4500 GBP)

Cars over 60K GBP not eligible for any discount

The UK 2018 Budget which lays down changes for the forthcoming year, i.e. 2019 made the above changes.  And guess what, many sources report drop in sales of low emission cars 

Back to Honda
Honda is presenting the market with a cute looking but otherwise lack lustre car.

- Honda UK webpage

- Design innovation, dual internal mirrors (via cameras no external), good turning circle at 4.3 metres.

- 35.5 kWh battery charged using Type 2 or CCS2

- 200km  (124 mile) range, which is currently uncompetitive to almost the joke level.  Both Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf now manage> 220 miles, in other words twice that range

- With this range constraint it could make a City car, or a commute to the station car, but it seems like a very expensive option

- Also many people in UK Cities live in Apartments and so have no clear place to charge their cars at home (because individual garages are more commonplace in the country, and for that you'd like a long range Electric car)

- The price is still not divulged but will be it's 25K plus

This is another dirty trick. Press reports are actually between 25 and 40K GBP.  Why not actually release the price?  I can only believe because it is going to be higher rather than lower.   Since the price is not announced, all the press reports thus far have been so very favourable, because at an unknown price, what is there not to like?

On the evidence provided so far I summarise Honda's entry to the All electric vehicle segment as woefully late, perhaps too late and below average even before launch.

The Competition

BMW i3 i3s

Hyundai Kona Electric

Kia e-Niro

Kia Soul EV

Nissan Leaf

Renault Zoe

Skoda from 2020

Smart EQ fortwo

VW e-Up