Monday, July 08, 2019

An Ibiza Classic (Just Dance)

I am going to talk specifics, but first the big picture is that this Saturday night past, Agata and Marcus had a long overdue dose of Euphoria

I'm not sure if that is quite the right word.  What I'm trying to describe is a feeling of

- Heightened Happiness
- Love and Affection
- Togetherness, Inclusivity
- Being part of something greater than just yourself

It is the sort of feeling when you are lost in the moment, in a good positive, not hateful, non confrontational way, when you quite literally can lose yourself [ to dance ]

This is often helped along the way using Alcohol or other stimulants.

Not Hate

I find it important to mention that the Rave or the Concert is (to Marcus) a prime example of a positive, stimulating, inclusive activity.

Conversely, you can attend a Political Rally cum Riot, become part of a Religion with Extremist views and consequential  actions.  These are examples of Adrenalin Rush activities, sometimes illegal, not open to all, that divide the us from the them.

Back to a musical concert, where for the price of entry, people are there to listen and move to the sounds of music.

Some Detail

The event was Classic Ibiza at our local Stately home of Ragley Hall.  This is conveniently located but walking distance from our home, so our feet and not a taxi was the preferred arrival and departure mechanism  (just think of the steps we were heard to say to each other).

 We drank a lot of wine

 There were special effects

There is always at least one improbably large person on somebody's shoulders
 There was face painting

And ...





We ended the night, oh so happy, with 30,000+ walked and danced steps to the day.  Thanks Ragley Hall and the Urban Soul Orchestra for a wonderful night.