Saturday, July 06, 2019

A Tale of Two Buttons

It is July 2019 and in our home in England every room is equipped with an Amazon Echo Dot.   So I can literally just say

Alexa, Play the Archers

and well,  My closest Echo Dot plays the most recent episode of the Archers from BBC Radio 4.  But then I thought, I have these Amazon Buttons and well surely I can program them, to do the same?

Well it is possible, although only via an iPhone.  The Android app for Alexa lets you create a routine but can't associate it with a button.  So there, there is an actual use to buy an Apple product, finally!  But shame on you Amazon.


Guess what happens when Agata presses her button?

Too Sexy

In 2019,  all our home lights are LED.  They are now all connected to our Smarthome  which is for the most part powered by Amazon Alexa.

We take voice control for granted, of lights and devices, etcetera.  But there is always room for a few old skool buttons :-)