Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday Sermon: I Don't Remember

Peter Gabriel: I Don't Remember

There were some raised voices in the Marcus and Agata household as Marcus battled with a suitcase.  But not just any suitcase, one that I recommended in December 2018 here

This then is a reflection upon modern complexity, and the failing memory that I associate with old age, my older age ...

[NOT] The Stupidity of Others
I may moan and complain about the incivility and failings of others but sadly it is not under my own control.  Conversely what really hurts is when my behaviour, or in this case memory / organisation / documentation is not upto scratch!  My own failing though can be addressed ...

Locked out of my own Suitcase :-(

 My new Carryon Case has a lock that is controlled from my Smartphone.  This is great until you find that 

  • This is a new Smartphone and you can't find the required application anywhere.  It is not on the Google Play Store
  • When you do eventually locate and install SKGLOCK you can't remember or locate the password and there is no reset ability.
I'm software locked out of my own suitcase!  Only in 2019, right :-(

What Failed

I might have thought that disconnecting the power source and shorting the terminals to the lock would have reset the system. But NO!  I even left it unpowered for over 30 minutes.  After reconnection it still knew about my custom Bluetooth name meaning that I knew my custom and currently unknown password was still in force.   Still buggered.

What Worked

Was remembering where I was likely to have stored the password and then using my mental decryption schema which I apply to my passwords  figuring out the password.  

Recovery Action

The recovery action is simple.  I use DokuWiki to store many information types.  Dokuwiki is a database of Information and I've talked about it many times, most recently here

What is being stored here is not of course the actual passwords.  Only meta information.  In other words UK home passwords are stored in this database on that system, replicated using that software.

So now I just need to make sure DokuWiki is regularly backed up  (it is daily) and that I remember first to use the search facility there when I forget where I have stored information.  Easy.

Learning Points

- Simplify you life and you will have much less to remember

- Store your secrets in a single or small number of predictable places.  I have updated my DokuWiki with a set of pointers to where these places are.  So now I just have to use the DokuWiki search option and it will tell me where to go and look.

- Today we all rely on our Smartphones for just about everything.  Make sure it is working well, in this case the SKGlock software  installed and configured. And do so well before you travel!