Friday, June 07, 2019

Scamming With Shpock

KRS One: Sound of da Police

Subtitle:  There is never a Digital Policeman around when you need one.

Within the last week I joined an online Buying and Selling marketplace called shpock.  Whilst I wan definitely not expecting selling nirvana, all I can say that today I was the attempted victim of what I believe would have been fraud.

This is a post to detail the wankers and some interesting things found along the way

When it appears to be too good to be true ....

After advertising some 200 GBP+ items on shpock I was prepared for and received the usual flurry of:

- People asking to pay a fraction of the already low price I was selling any item for.  Apparently the excuse "but it does not harm to ask"  is universally true and gives them the right to make me a demeaning offer

- People asking stupid questions about items you are selling

- People looking for exchanges, despite me asking for just a plain sale

And lastly .. the likely scammer

The enthusiastic buyer Willy F, asked to buy multiple items I was selling.

- Shpock told me that he was living in another country so I asked Willy for an address

- He would only say it was Ireland, by which I took it to be that EC country, Southern Ireland.

- He made no attempt to give me an address but did suggest that I contact via Whatsapp via the US number +1 201 4166 102

- Remember the WhatsApp exploit of recent times.  Perhaps this is a scam for you to divulge your mobile number   (they asked, I refused to reveal) so they can place a call to your mobile and using a Buffer overflow, (on an unpatched system) thus compromise your Mobile device and steal confidential data?

- He then came up with a story that he was an American Citizen, presumably living in Ireland, using a UK selling channel.   Suspicious yet?

- I reported him to Shpock as today when I tried to answer his messaged I got a strange error.  Perhaps he has quickly left the scene?

Notes and Learning Points

- When somebody on an online buying and selling channel suddenly wants to buy all your most expensive sales items it is time for you to consider how realistically genuine this buyer can possibly be

- It is possible to look at peoples records using just their phone numbers

- As the above video suggests it is always a good idea to use Tor for such requests.  I'd recommend setting up a single Tor Entry Exit point and you can do this relatively simply with the eBlocker product

eBlocker is just one of the hardware security devices that Marcus and Agata can turn on at will for a particular network segment or per device and so carry out investigations, say into telephone numbers more anonymously.

- Instead of Tor I can also recommend paying for a VPN subscription that be installed on your Internet Router or on a firewall that passes all traffic.  This allows your VPN to be switched on or off globally.  And to reiterate switch VPN or Tor on so that your quieries are not subject to analysis

- If you see something, do something.  In Marcus' case I had to take extra time to analyse the problem, document it up for my own purposes and send it to shpock in this case.   All this takes extra effort and time.  But if you don't do it then other friends or acquaintances may be strafed too.

So Willey F. An American citizen living in Ireland apparently. I think I can do without your business.