Monday, June 10, 2019

Nervous Race Preparation

Nervous Preparation

This Sunday, June 9th Marcus and Agata made a Race ready test of our running equipment for our forthcoming Ultra Race.

Well to be exact, I forgot the Safety kit (plasters, duct tape, foil blanket, mini Leatherman).  A Leatherman is for emergency surgery and duct tape is for emergency stick me back together.

But I digress.

The Nervousness I allude to in the video is that we compete in 1 week and we have had no opportunity to train either at altitude or on a mountainous terrain that we will shortly be experiencing.  Even the projected weather. at 25 degrees plus, but with some mountain sections still containing snow (!), is so very far removed from our moist, damp and wet England.

We had to Try

So on Sunday we made a small run to test the equipment and to a lesser degree our legs.   It all went well.

Should I or Shouldn't I?
I did venture to Agata that in what is now the week prior and traditional pre Race taper,  I , Marcus could instead go out for a 60 km night run.    Agata was not amused,  but of course I am still considering it.   The overall rule of thumb that I work to, is: that to run X, you should always do a test run, in full race kit of at least 0.7 X.   And of course, ideally, about a month before, not a few days.

Still thinking about this Monday night :-) ?