Saturday, May 11, 2019

RHS Malvern Spring Festival

Marcus and Agata just attended the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Malvern Spring Festival.  At the time of writing there is still time to attend until May 12th 2019

But first the Exercise

We take our daily exercise seriously and today was no exception.  We managed a decent 13km hilly run in the local area.  Beware for the 4.40GBP parking charge from any and including the smallest out of the way council car park in the middle of nowhere.

Agata the Gardener

Agata was the driving force for the visit because her interest in all things gardening is getting quite pronounced.  She even started listening to my most least favourite Radio 4 program ever  Gardeners Question Time

Some things we Saw

Many companies retailing Pods, but wait, they will cost you at least 10K GBP, so not for the cashflow constrained.  Also some Green living spaces constructions that you can buy or get an Architect to construct

Decent selection of cutting equipment including some remote controlled devices.  Just wow.

Something that was evidenced by the bursting car parks spread out over multiple fields were the astonishingly large number of people attending.  And we went on a week day!  I have never seen so many happy smiling and by and large old people trundling along in a defined area.  Really unexpected

An ocean of shops selling Garden Furniture and Stuff, not to mention a covered Food Tent and Country Living Market stall.   

I think if you stumped up the quite significant  (IMHO) entry price to the show you are in the market from some expensive add ons to your garden.  Having said that many of the plants and some of the smaller stands had very reasonable prices.  There was a fleet of people leaving the show with little trolleys on wheels carrying plants and other small items.

An example show garden.  A company can come and implement this in your garden etc.

 Lectures by people who I am sure are Gardening famous, so Agata probably knew who they were.  I had not a clue

 A wide range of entertainments including music with a stationary (and I presume still living) set of listeners.  Actually I was very tired from the run and had I sat down I would have been asleep in minutes.

 Variety of wood working live and other arts and crafts and so many shops to choose from retailing

There was a Floral Marquee and also a Pavilion of Art and Flowers.   Absolutely superb, both in sights and smells

From my extremely limited experience a very well put together and beautifully laid out and comprehensively stocked show.  The entry price was steep as was the cost of food, drinks or ice cream from the food stalls.  That said Marcus had a wonderful time and it was great relaxation after that trail run.