Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hatred, Disinformation and the Comments in this Online World

Carbon Footprint whilst flying

BBC News is one of my YouTube subscriptions that I check almost daily.   Today I watched a not very informative piece on reducing your Carbon Footprint whilst flying.

Whilst the article could have been stronger, and I mean more focused on quantifying any saving  it was at least taking the discussion in the right direction.

And then I began to read the comments

The Hateful comments

The Many hateful comments.

Now it does occur that some comments were possibly a clumsy attempt at humour via irony or pure ridiculousness.  But by the same token they could be genuine comments by arseholes, genuine 'shit stirrers',  the kind of people you would just never want to meet in real life, unless you were just one of these types yourself.

And So
Did I learn much from the video?  No, it was a meagre attempt, but it did not justify the hateful and irrelevant commentary as above.

In Marcus' online life I try to stand by any of the 4000+ postings publicly made via majzel.blogspot.com.   Or behind the many hundreds if not thousands of what I hope are helpful, clear and mindful statements made on forums and social media.   I am happy to be accountable for any and all statements made, ever.

And now I'd like to governments to consider what real damage is being done to the credibility of the Internet when postings containing harmful, discreditable, or slanderous comment that can be made in an anonymous manner. Perhaps there needs to be country and ideally globally aligned laws that reigns back control and makes all posting to social media accountable.   Public accountability in a Public forum, that is all I ask.   Today if you are a witness to, or personally receive any online hateful racial slur, or a homophobic comment, what is your remedy?  I believe that  the UK laws need to be updated.  Purveyors, i.e. shit stirrers & provocateurs must be identifiable and accountable.  Period.

One Last Thing

If you have been reading regularly you will know that I recently recommended the latest Ben Elton novel:  Identity Crisis  The concept of mass manipulation using a tirade of false information is a central theme to the book.  So if you have not read my assessment or bought the book, then ideally do so now.