Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Web Services: Namecheap verses Easily

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I am deeply indebted to Yeo Chai Heng because thanks to him I discovered Namecheap.com  whilst researching the nginx webserver and DokuWiki

I continue to make the point that Google makes it very easy to search for somebody else's posted work.  But when was the last time that you contributed to the Internet's knowledge base.

Are you just a taker, not a giver?

Like Yeo Chai Heng ,  Marcus continues to give.  And so without further ado ...

Namecheap Verses Easily

By namecheap I mean namecheap.com 

By easily I mean easily.co.uk

I've been with easily since 2005 using them at first for Website Hosting and then increasingly less as my skills grew and I perceived that their offerings did not.

It's difficult when you are not a Web person to know truly what is on offer in the marketplace.  But now having discovered namecheap it's now crystal clear that namecheap, and I am sure there are others; represent a new dynamic web services provider, rather eclipsing easily as old skool, and not in the same league.

Why I fell in Like with Namecheap

- Buying a Domain

It's very simple and fast, payment via paypal and there is a discount for the first year, with a known amount to pay for 2nd and follow on years.

Once you know the name the buying process will take you less than 5 minutes, after which it is added to your account and you can start to customise it

- Domain search and Generate

They have a tool to help you find the ideal domain name.  It can add some tricks like since there is a toplevel called .us,  if I wanted something like marcus as a domain name maybe start searching for something like marc.us or some variant ...

By comparison easily is just from the ark

Secondary Authentication

You can configure not just a userid and password, but a secondary Authentication method.  I've setup Authy.

Dynamic DNS

You can setup a static IP address for your domain, but for many of us our IP may change on a router reboot.  So you can use a Dynamic DNS client running in your environments, on machines from Raspberry Pi to UNIX, which transmits any IP changes to the Namecheap host and modified the DNS records accordingly.

For Easily there is no DDNS so I had to manually logon to the website and change the IP mapping every 24 hours.  Can you imagine what a pain that was!

Fast DNS Updates

I've changed my DNS resolution and in under 5 minutes it is present worldwide.   I like.

Free Email Redirection
Without paying for the personal email service, you can setup redirection, redirecting specific users@yourdomain.com  to another account as well as specifying a catchall email address which is mapped to if somebody emails to example asdfasdf@yourdomain.com

This way you can continue to use your primary email account but have a non gmail or microsoft.com  domain email since some old skool websites won't accept a google domain account as being for 'business' etc.

Comprehensive help system

It's a great online help resource, with screenshots of exactly the steps you need to follow.    Easily has nothing!  But then most things required an email or phone call.

Other Services
I read their webpage so I know they also offer

One More Thing

- Online Chat Service

I used it the first time.   It was informative and great.  With Easily many things are manual, and you need to call them to get something done that could be automated.  With Namecheap you only need to chat if there is a real problem.  I prefer it this way

Overall then, not that I am a Web Expert, but as a Systems Guy with increasing Web experience,  Namecheap have ticked all my boxes.  Recommended.