Saturday, April 13, 2019

Report: 4iiii Powermeter

The Powermeter Install


In the olden days, and I mean, well say a few decades ago, you were pushing the state of the art if you had Alloy i.e. Aluminium wheels.   Owners of steel wheels at the time were extremely skeptical.

Today there are so many technological advances that Bicycle technology have embraced, and today I talk of the 


The idea is to monitor your power, always in Watts  (i.e. Joules per Second!) as you cycle.   If you combine this with other information like heart-rate, speed etc you can build up a much more comprehensive picture of your fitness.

It can help you to understand what is your Functional Threshold Power  (FTP) and then once known allow you to ride to that number, or exceed it in a routine way as part of your training plan.

The Clique
Getting a Powermeter onto your bicycle has been only for the very few principally because it is so damn expensive!   Whilst the head units that Garmin or other can sell for under 200 GBP can display your power, the Powermeter itself can easily cost 500 GBP.  And that is for single side measurement.  Individual left and right unit pairs can almost double that price.

Our Choice 4iiii

Marcus and Agata have been scouring eBay and auction sources for Powermeters for over 6 months.  And as of today we can now say that we have a 4iiii powermeter fitted to each of our bicycles.

The key tool you will need is a plastic crank plug extraction tool.  This plastic plug does not hold the crank on, but you can't remove the crank without first removing this

And,  although I was trained for over 2 decades by individuals who swore to be able to recognise Nm torque rates by feel, these days I just set the gadget, in this case for 12 Nm and am confident that I do not over tighten crucial components

Midway Install

Okay it is all installed, how beautiful.  I wish it could have been Dura Ace!

These are the bits I saved.  The old 7900 series Dura Ace and the Garmin cadence sensor.  The new powermeter includes the cadence.

Output from the first ride.  Wahoo.   Today my excuse as the sniffling video can confirm, I am sick.  So the Power statistics are a bit weak and that is how I am feeling!

Here is the example Android Application output showing the Battery level of the powermeter and the Ant ID which you can use to correlate the import on your Garmin Headunit