Saturday, February 16, 2019

Personal BREXIT Strategies

Kygo: Stole the Show

As Uncle Cecil appropriately said to me one day (sic)

To be born an Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of Life.

But in 2019 we increasingly have the BREXIT-apocalypse abbeted by a constant stream of petty minded, granstanding Political squabbles.

Valentine BREXIT Blow

In 2019 it seems that having a UK Passport is not the valued prize it once was.

My summary position is that in 2019 whilst the EU is a torrid mess including Bureaucracy, A Euro Disaster, it is still something that we  (the UK) are better IN than OUT.  Mainly for reasons of trading UK goods and services to the EU, and secondly unrestricted living and working opportunities for UK citizens in all member states.

However in less than 50 days  (please see this countdown ) the full chaos of a non deal BREXIT may be unleashed.   What can we do?  Here are our serious suggestions

01 Leave the UK and relocate back to Switzerland

02 Take our Motorhome,  leave before BREXIT and come back days or months later when any crisis has been averted or overcome

03 Prepare the Batcave or similar foreign rented venue and shack up there, until any crisis has been averted

04 Stay in the UK, take precautions  (some shopping) and hope for the best

05 Pray to God that things will be okay   (clearly I am joking here)

A Dummy Run

Marcus and Agata don't believe in leaving things to chance.  We are currently on week#1 of our Brexit-exile-test. Just checking out the practicalities of temporary relocation far far away, in case the shit really hits the fan

Marcus is current testing some of the technology elements needed to be taken at  moments notice for emergency evacuation.

Mobile Internet, looking good.

Some Mood Videos

Okay BREXIT did not get to the /fall of Saigon/ scenario yet, but hey, it does begin to look just a little grim.

One Video

If you are confused about BREXIT and the Hard Border and the Backstop then please watch the above video.