Thursday, August 09, 2018

What Do YOU Want From Life

What do you want from Life

It's a funny old thing, but Marcus and Agata have been away from our latest home for over 3 months then.

Now whilst we are accomplished planners, even we are surprised by the number of times we have NOT said to each other:

I wish we had packed that in the Motorhome

So, it naturally led to the significant question:  

What do you need to continue to run your life?

An Identical Base
I discovered that we both thought identically and brought with us many old race clothes that we thought might be good for just a few more competitions, hoping to be able to discard them before the journey home.

Needless to say those clothes are still going strong!  And we both said to each other ...  These clothes did so well, it seems almost a crime to even contemplate throwing them away.

Our List
So what did we take, in big picture terms, oh and some small interesting items to make everybody chuckle

Road Race Bicycles
Spare Bicycle components including Tyres, Wheels, tools, chain, Cassettes
Race food including Gels and Bars, Mineral Tablets
Cycling Clothing
Swimming Clothing
Swim Players
Run clothing
Road Shoes, Trail Shoes, Cycling Shoes, Walk shoes
Portable Batteries and Lights

An Apple Mac Mini
2 Laptops and 2 Tablets
Enormous 31 inch screen . (Marcus' tired eyes)
A Raspberry Pi 3B+
Computer leads
Mikrotik HacAC2 Router
Google Home Wireless Router

Smartphones (and backup Smartphones)
Swiss SIMs for Switzerland (fully and I mean totally unlimited Internet Mobile connection)
Bluetooth Speaker

Marcus' favourite bowls and cutlery

But Finally
The most important thing we brought with us is each other.  It's that simple really, nothing else really matters.

Love who you love