Thursday, August 30, 2018

Welcome to our DMG Demilitarised Garage Zone

Welcome to our Garage.

Now first, for you to be amused about the title  (DMG) you are first going to have to understand that it is of course a wordplay on DMZ  Demilitarised Zone

If you read the Wikipedia Reference  you will understand that the DMZ is outermost edge of your Computer Infrastructure and thus the most easily penetrated or invaded by hackers.  It is the place where you would place your least trusted servers.

The Space Race
In our previous home the Study was completely packed full of Electronics equipment, but there was a separate empty Guest bedroom, quite a suitable place for .... guests.

In our new home in England, with one less bedroom there are no such luxuries.  So the thinking has been hard and long as to how to improve any Guest experience in the study as they try to sleep amongst a sea of fans and LED flashing lights.

And now we have had a genius idea:

- We are converting the Garage into a Workshop
- We will extend our Internet Network there
- The network extension allows for Internet Security Cameras  (very useful to answer the question, did I close the garage door)
- We will place one or more servers there, for example any Webserver that needs to be on 24x7
- And the Printer!   We try never to print anything and the printer is flippin huge.  What a great space saving from the Study/Guestroom

This then is now our least trusted DMG  (Demilitarised Garage Zone).  Funny right!

Not So Fast
For those thinking of breaking past our Webcam (and other) security protected Garage traps .. as shown above, so that you can invade our network

The Primary Webserver - behind 3 custom firewalls, each from different manufacturers

The Wireless Network in the Garage - behind 3 custom firewalls, not the same ones as the Webserver!  This wireless network is completely isolated and is really there so that Marcus can stream BBC Radio 4 Audio and chat with Agata over Google Hangouts.

So yeah!  try and get in, why don't you.

First Test
Our long suffering friends Rob and Hilary are scheduled to try the new and improved Study Guest room this weekend.  Fingers Crossed!

To continue our wordplay theme .. At last there will be Space In our Place