Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lausanne Impact Hub 2018

This is a short report to document and discuss the Lausanne Impact Hub  which is typical of a new generation of working space.

Working at Home
Going back a decade many Corporate employers and some employees had the idea of home working.  Here are some of the perceived advantages

- Employer may have a smaller office footprint , saves money
- Employee gets 0 travel time on work at home days
- Employee can work at home and look after the dog/cat/baby/get post concurrently
- Employee might get a tax break
- Employer will save money and might get tax break too

It's Complicated
Home working is a delicate balance of opportunity but possibly disappointment!

Working alone at home via a Computer screen is long term mind blowingly distracting and unsatisfying for many people.  Certainly if you work at home 5 days a week.

What is Impact Hub

It's a coworking / collaborative working space where you can sit down in office like conditions, use usually a strong Internet connection and other office like facilities like good coffee and work in the company of others.

There are also specialised rooms for privacy, or group meetings.

Other Work Models
So on the one hand if you are sick of working at home and prefer the company of other workers, perhaps not from your company this shared working space could be attractive.

Let's suppose you have an Impact Hub close to home, but your Company office is Hundreds or even Thousands of Km away.   Sounds good.

But also  You could be a young Entrepreneur who wants to work with other like minded individuals to setup your business, and if things grow you can leave this shared space and transition to your own rented premises as time and money allows.

Give me a Tour
This is the Lausanne Switzerland branch:

 Entrance Hall

 Fancy Coffee

 Main shared work space

 Downstairs to conference Rooms

 Example Conference Room

Creative Space

Marcus and Agata had a wonderful tour of the Lausanne Impact Hub.  It showed me a tastefully designed and thoughtful environment that would be a pleasure to work in.   A good mix of Open Spaces, Conference rooms, Internet, Coffee and friendly staff.

I can see how it could be a fine place to start your business from   (you can get mail there) or use it as a more traditional Work from office location when home becomes too stifling.