Monday, August 13, 2018

How to Be Happy

This week Marcus and Agata are travelling.  Driving in fact.  But driving for hours can be a risky business.  It is then fortunate indeed that we have found a publication, or in our preferred format, an Audiobook that is the subject of the analysis here.

In a nutshell Derren Brown, the accomplished Mentalist, talks about why some of us are happy and some not.  And once you have the understanding you could perhaps take positive steps to improve your own happiness level

But you would say that
Both Marcus and Agata are Derren Brown fans.  We have seen his TV series and been to see him live.  So when we heard that he had a book analysing Happiness we were all in.  Okay the book is November 2016 and it's already Summer 2018, so we are a little late to the party, but we finally arrived

Marcus Comments

I like and respect Derren Brown so this is my starting point . But to me

- It's well written
- I appreciate the detailed Philosophical underpinning of the text
- It says many of the things I've said myself, but more clearly and with better examples

In a nutshell:  Derren you wrote the book I'd have written myself.  But far from being jealous as a fellow Stoic I am merely grateful :-)

So yes,  highly recommended.  If at all possible, do find time to listen or if you really must read a copy.