Friday, August 10, 2018

Finally Taking The Day Off

That's the way Love Goes

The Completion-1st Ideology
In principle the lives of Marcus and Agata without constant work pressures might seem to be one of leisure, but strangely enough the last 3 months of living in Switzerland has been peppered with quite enough stressful situations.

Especially for Marcus,  being old-skool, I do feel like the time for relaxing is after, not during or before any pre existing committments or work schedules

The Childhood Test
Even as a teenager Marcus felt that the time for Partying, or playing around with some Electronics or Computer past-time was after the schoolwork was completed.   At University with a finite workload the pattern could be this

a) Goto All Lectures
b) Do all the Assignments in advance
c) The rest of the term, including the gargantuan holidays is now yours

It was not:
a) Don't goto (many) Lectures
b) Go out Partying
c) Just before Assignment submission, try and understand the syllabus, normally ending in a trip to Marcus et al, who you know completed everything months ago

So Yes
We finished a Digital Simplification Project
We did some Athletics / Triathlon / Sports coaching & motivation
We managed sales of a whole host of Technology Products
We planned our Return to the UK including stopping off to see close friends in France
We battled with burocrcacy and made the best of bad processes,  coming out evens at worst, not behind.
We completed our latest Building / Property project
We completed our usually pleasurable but sometimes nerve racking, house and pet sitting activities

It is all flippin done

Now then, it is time to relax and chill, just for one day


Moulin Rouge: Your Song

Rick Astley: Beautiful Life