Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

Marcus and Agata have a simple promise.

If we stay at your house, then on your return, your house will be cleaner, and probably better organised than when you left.

We didn't just clean the toilet surfaces, Marcus actually disassembled the softclose seat mechanism, cleaned it, reoiled it and put it back

 All wooden floors have been mopped with special parquet wood treatment fluid,  and vacuumed and then polished.

All carpets have been shampoo'd and smaller rugs washed gently in the washing machine.

The wasp infestation has been terminated with extreme prejudice

I was not happy to have the Vitra chair scratch the floor so I bought an IKEA Kolon floor protector

And So

As Marcus and Agata slip quietly out of wonderful Switzerland, we hope those around will like the song says
Remember Me