Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The need for Infinite USB in 2018

Our UK home may be new but not so new that we have USB sockets anywhere.

In fact the building is 200+ years old and  listed which means there are strict controls on how the outside must look, but the inside is redesigned from scratch.   Fibre Optic and Ethernet was laid,  USB was not.

Until now Marcus had been mostly using the uber expensive Swiss adapters which feature surge protection and filter and connecting a Swiss to UK converter plug at the end.

But all this madness has to stop and it is now time to use the native UK power sockets

After much research we chose Masterplug.    We thought to leave the wall sockets alone especially because our Electronics would ideally be connected thru surge protectors

Masterplug SRGDU61PB2

- Two USB 2.1 Amp charger outputs are ideal for recharging
- Power and surge LED indicators show surge protection
- 6 Surge protected 13A sockets in convenient in line

The USB sockets drive 2 Amps and so are great to drive power hungry Raspberry Pi computers which we now rely on for a multitude of household automation and Glue computing tasks.

They say when you finally change all the Mains plugs on your equipment after an international move, you are finally home.  And so we are.