Friday, July 06, 2018

Something Incredible, Waiting and Garmin

Fenix 5 Plus Testing

Marcus and Agata are very interested in the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus review and we are about to tell you why.  But first:

DC Rainmaker

I have plenty of platitudes and praise for Ray Maker aka DC Rainmaker (DCR) who quit his interesting job at a major Computer Vendor to follow a career in something else that he loved: Sports technology.

Today DCR publishes some of the most detailed reviews in the Sportswatch and Powermeter technology segment, you should of course first check out his website here

DCR is truly something incredible,  whereas the Fenix 5 Plus series .... maybe not . (yet)

Our need for New

Marcus and Agata are currently considering our options for a better Athlete focused Smartwatch.  Probably Garmin is the only game in town, with the likes of Suunto coming up behind.

If you even think that something like an Apple Watch is anything like competent for even the most junior Athlete then you can stop reading now.   I am talking about the need for Multifunction, GPS watch, with continuous heart rate, accurate tracking, and features tailored to the Athlete not somebody is a fanboy/fangirl.

The current state of the Art that we enjoy for upto 3 hours a day on our training is the Garmin 935.   We talked about it here.

The new Fenix 5 Plus kid on the Block

The Fenix 5 was like the Garmin 935 but heavier, and with a variety of fancier cases and straps and glass screens making it much much more expensive.

Most serious athletes stick with the 935

But the Fenix 5 Plus range (note the Plus) offers extra features like mapping on all of the 5 Plus, 5S Plus, 5X Plus variants, that the 935 cannot match.

This and other features make it worth a look.

Fenix 5 Plus Detail

And Wiggle Please!
I asked my local and favourite Swiss company to add a product into their catalog for Sale.  3 days later it was done.   I then asked Wiggle to add the 5 Plus to their catalogue so that we can at least see it, put it in the wish list etc.  Here is their hysterically (bad) response

Have a great day indeed.

Overall Then

- We were so so very excited about the Fenix 5 Plus announcements
- They are available in Switzerland now, example here 799 CHF for the most basic model
- The price bump over a 935 or Fenix 5 is pretty high
- They are not available at Wiggle yet at this time or writing, they don't even exist in their catalogue

- Currently DCR's review leads us to question their Open Water swimming accuracy.    We may go and do our own Garmin 935 on and off buoy test in the local Swiss lake to see how accurate our watches really are.  From memory they always worked fine in our local UK Lake on a training night.  Never had a problem
- Probably worth checking other reviews to see if this is really as broken as DCR described.

But if so the smart money is for now to stick with good old, reliable and light 935.