Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Review: Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL

Subtitle: What, another Lezyne light?

I do like a happy ending and Marcus is happy to report that there is one here.

A few weeks ago when we presumed to leave Switzerland, Marcus in his infinite wisdom sold his Lezyne 1100 Power Drive light.  I referenced it's extremely slow charging rate here.  What I did not moan about was the fact that a 1100 Lumen light is really heavy and this one was way over 200 grams

Lights and Weights
On a bicycle, weight is usually the enemy, and whilst your weight is important, staggeringly more so is the total bicycle weight, that thing that is constantly moving not only forward but side to side.

Bicycle light lumens power ratings can go from something like 100 to over 1500 but the penalty is weight.   Also, as the power output rises manufacturers see the need to make bodyshells in heavy Aluminium (rather than Plastic) further aggravating the total weight situation.

Lights and Safety
I have discussed the fundamentals before, but they are

- We cycle at all times, not just at night with front and rear lights on
- In countries like Switzerland, daytime lights are mandatory for motorists and we see no reason why cyclists should not also do the same
- They give us extra confidence that motorists see us, even in daylight
- Wherever possible we used solid lights, because the law says that is what is legal

But You are Leaving
Weeks back we tried to optimise to the n'th degree by selling off items that we were a little grumpy with.  And this included Marcus' rather too heavy Lezyne Power Drive 1100 light.  Not only heavy but quite thick and large too.

But then we had to stay and so we are now -1 on Front Bicycling lights and need a new one.   Typical!

The Welcome Surprise
I wanted to order the 115 gram Lezyne Lite drive 700 lamp, which is what I had bought for Agata.  But out of stock.  So reluctantly I ordered the Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL

And when it arrived I was very confused.  It was much smaller and compact than the outgoing light

 And then the real bonus.  Only 145 grams, not the almost 200 grams shown on the website.

It still comes with the deeply recessed, very difficult to plug in micro USB socket, even using the supplied Lezyne cable.  Grrr.

But back to the main point:

- This unit is ridiculously small, same size as the 700XL
- It is frikking unbelievably bright, with plenty of always on modes . (NB: flashing lights are not legal in most countries, please check because nobody believes me)
- It has a >30% discount at Wiggle
- It is a super dooper light

So from thinking I was having to eat humble pie and buying back the same light again, I've found a newer, just as bright light that is so much smaller.

And the smaller size makes a big difference on the crowded handlebars already sharing real estate with Triathlon bars and a Cycle computer.

Just perfect.