Sunday, July 01, 2018

Journee Lausannois Velo 2018

It was another far too early Saturday morning alarm clock, this time before 06.00 that marked our start of competition in 

Journee Lausannois du Velo 2018

The Weather
In recent years Lausanne has become almost tropical.  For Climate change deny-ers come to Lausanne.  For the majority of Summer days you better get your Daily exercise in before noon, because post mid-day the temperature will often be over 30 degrees and dry.  It means don't go outside people!

In actual fact, the figures for this Saturday were even higher.  Will we make it :-)

Destination Chalet Gobet
As usual the start is just north of Lausanne and its quite a hilly 5Km ride from our accommodation to there.  But we resisted the temptation to get on the Metro for part of the way and cycled!

 Bicycles are parked and the numbers retrieved

 In 2018 we all still have to rely on the 3 safety pin attachment strategy.  Agata is group expert

 Heather showed of her number only to find that Mark had the most exclusive one of our team.  We are expecting great things of him then!

Finally we are ready to start and it is only 07.30, now that is early, but the later we start the more roasted we will get, plus Marcus and Agata have a tough trail race tomorrow and we need all the R&R before tomorrow possible.


I forgot to mention that Marcus and Agata had booked the 150Km course and everybody else the 100Km route.  So there is a split point and we have to decide at the 50Km point whether to go off and do the extra 50Km loop or chicken out and just do the 100Km total course instead.

Going to Start Now

Stop 1: 35Km
 We all made it to Stop 1 without issue.   There was a lot of downhill but not exclusively so.   It's just a point to remember that the last half is up up and up.

Weather was superb by which I mean it was not tipping it down with rain, which it has done in previous years.

 Dark Chocolate and Gruyere Cheese, available in infinitely large quantities.  How did they know about my dietary requests :-)

After a little conference we decide that Marcus and Agata will go ahead alone and attempt the 150km course and the others will continue on the 100km route.

Stop 2:  79 km Mount Vully
I sprinted ahead by 1 minute after the gruelling Mount Vully ascent to get the camera out read to record Agata

Agata arrives

 Our proud photos because we have now covered 79 km which is over halfway.  Unfortunately apart from the 5km of immediate steep descent it is then mostly up and up and up for certainly the last 50 km or so.  Yikes.

Last year when we arrived the food stall was empty.  This year they are better stocked and with the heat we both completely refill our water bottles.

Stop 3: We found it!

 Thanks to Agata's keen eye we not only saw Refreshment stop 3 but stopped and refilled there too.

In past years it was either missed or closed.  This year there was time for more fluid and of course more Gruyere cheese.  Yum.

Stop 4: 12Km from home and Moved

Stop 4 has traditionally been very close i.e. about only 10Km from the finish.  So we have sometimes given it a miss.  This year it was still only about 12Km from the finish but moved.  Luckily we spotted it and because we were in no rush it turned into a great Fluid and Gruyere Cheese stop.   They had no Dark Chocolate, but probably just as well in these weather conditions, it would have simply melted.

 Marcus simply loves Gruyere cheese!

Lots of interesting machinery.

Actually Marcus' bike began to make strange mechanical noises here.  My rear mech is failing and due to the heat or some other reason I can only select about 5 out of the 10 rear gears.  Nevertheless it is sufficient to finish the race

It's all over!

And so finally after just over 6.5 hours of moving time  (cheese munching time has been deducted) we finished.  Now simply another 5Km but downhill cycle only home and we are done.

It was a tough and challenging cycle.  But full of beautiful scenery,  cycling with friends, great weather  (if a little too hot for delicate Marcus).  And don't forget that Gruyere cheese.

Simply fantastic Lausanne!

Official Journee du Velo Lausannois