Saturday, July 07, 2018

Considering the Dark Side (Apple)

How Long

I am of course referring to the rigged system whereby manufacturers of Android phones conveniently forget to update their operating System levels.   The result is that in order to have a fully security patched Smartphone you are resorted to discarding your current phone and buying a new one.

Why is this an extremely irritating strategy?

- You lose a lot of money
- As a consequence the market for used Android phones is abisymal.   Most marketplaces don't even consider Android, instead only buying secondhand Apple phones.
- You will have to re-install your new phone.   Later versions of Android are better, but usually this is exactly the problem, you are not on it yet!  And at the very least you'll need to rekey in all your authentication information
- The prices of 2018 flagship phones are getting preposterous.  They are usually over 500GBP++ for a clean no strings purchase.
- Who has this kind of money to spend every year on a phone?

Some evidence me Lud

I could be ranting and making it all up, unfortunately I am not

On the two phones that I own I am stuck on Android 7.1 and 7.0 respectively, an Operating System that was officially announced in 2016, replaced in 2017, and in just a month we will have Android 9.0 shipping.

I must have pressed that check for updates button over 1000 times now and not had an update.  It is rather soul destroying I can tell you.

Here's looking at you Apple

As a longstanding person critical of Apple it pains me deeply to say that they support their Smartphone customers well.  Wherever possible, their Operating System is updated onto a broad range of Smartphones not just for the 2018 Flagship product.  Example not just the iPhone X but also for users of the iPhone8, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6.   And the only reason iPhone 5 and before are not supported is that Apple wants all phones to be running a 64 bit OS and the iPhone 5 and before are only 32bit processors.

Marcus has recently been spoilt by having some use of an iPhone X.   It's a cracking phone.   

So then

- A move to Apple is increasingly painless as all the Applications I frequently use are available there

- I would not need to spend countless hours trying to find alternate Distributions ROMS, or unlocking or rooting, well because it is not allowed

- Though the hardware specs  (iPhone X excluded) are often rather meagre, the OS makes pretty good use of them

- Because of Android's disgraceful policy I fear that I am considering it at least. 

A sad day indeed Android Manufacturers.  But you have driven me to this!

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