Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 Reasons Why

Subtitle: At least one of the following is 100% true

Agata and Marcus are finally back in England.  It has not been an easy return.  Here are some of the potential reasons

  1. Donald is coming to the UK this week.  We wanted to be here to help give him the reception that a man with his grasp of facts  (see above article ) deserves.
  2. Our Plants desperately needed watering in a British heatwave that has become unrelenting in the last month
  3. Switzerland has just become too hot with average daily temperatures above 30 degrees.
  4. We need to give our support to Tom Jones and Madness who are playing at our nearby Stately Home.
  5. We are totally and utterly fed up with Swiss Retail opening hours.


  6. We are homesick for England
  7. We promised English friends to help with their de-cluttering project. And now, not at some vague point in the future
  8. We want to celebrate on home ground, with the rest of England, as we finally reach the final of the football World Cup
  9. We are forced home to England to buy some important Infrastructure and Technology upgrades that are just not available in Switzerland.
  10. Marcus has run out of some key medical supplies and needs to visit the Doctor in England for resupply

So for something like some, or all of the above, well probably, we are back to little old England

All together Now

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