Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Relative Value: England vs Switzerland

Money, Money, Money

Subtitle: Target Penny wise and Pound Wise

It has now been over 12 months since Marcus and Agata relocated back to England, UK. Recently more than one Swiss friend asked us to honestly appraise the most marked difference in living costs between the countries.  Here is the short answer:


Since June 2017 we have also been lucky (or unlucky?) enough to be bouncing between countries so there was plenty of time to refresh our horror at Swiss Food prices

Swiss Food Cost Hierarchy
Switzerland has a very thin hierarchy of food shops.

At the bottom are Lidl and Aldi, 2 German shopping chains that represent very good value by Swiss standards.

How and why these retailers were ever 'let into' Switzerland I can hardly imagine, for no other retailers say from England or France have managed to enter.  Conspiracy theory? For another day I shall say.

At the same level with a great preference for alcohol (hence you can imagine the clientele) is Denner.  Denner is the cheapo, sorry I mean value branch of of Migro

Above these bargain basement shops are Coop and Migro.  These are like the "Middle of the Road" stalwart, reliable, big supermarket chains which sell food and even extras like Coffee machines and stationary.

Most Swiss (except the wealthy) would claim to mostly go shopping here.  Many Swiss will tell you they never shop at Aldi et al like it was some sort of shameful admission, yet clearly many people do.

At the top tier we have more boutique shops like Globus and Manor.  If you would be both a wealthy and pretentious Swiss you might claim to never shop anywhere else.

Above the top tier and embarrassing close (800 metres) from our old Swiss home is the L'Epicerie du pont du Chailly 

Here is what is new for example.  These boutique food shops are like the Harrods Food Hall of Switzerland.   With an unlimited budget, even higher than Globus/Manor you can exit with an equisite, wallet busting food shop.

Let's Compare

Let me now compare food with non food in Switzerland

On Monday July 30th, Marcus needed the use of a table for 10 days.  I went to IKEA and bought one.  Cost 30 CHF

The we went to the local Coop for the second time in 7 days .  Cost about 100 CHF.

So to be clear
Whilst my table that I need for 10 days cost 30 CHF,  a week's shopping for two at the midprice Supermarket is costing at least 200 CHF.

In England every week Marcus and Agata struggle to push the weekly food bill past 100 GBP.   We still eat mostly unprocessed foods like Lentils, Vegetables, Fruit, but we also buy more expensive delights to us including Wine,Ice Cream and  Chocolate.   But we find our weekly spend is less than half of Switzerland.   We find this totally frikkin incredible.

In a Nutshell

Our summary is that Food is so expensive in Switzerland that many people  (well for us certainly) would restrict our diets away from all the food we might like, to the food that we can comfortably afford.

There are some benefits of this high pricing.  And the following list is deadly serious (in case you thought it was ironic)

- Food cost is so high that other items like an iPhone X for example at about 1000 CHF might be regarded as cheap relatively speaking.  I mean it is less than the cost of 5 weeks shopping and should easily last 2 years with resale value at the end of it.  Bloody bargain!

- We certainly buy less processed food in Switzerland.  Unprocessed food is again, relatively speaking cheaper

- Meat or meats are even more expensive.  We don't eat meat at all so we can only boggle at the cost of people who make meat their majority diet.   But generally, people eat less meat in Switzerland and are healthier for it

- Less eating means less overweight! Not being able to stuff your face with low priced, unhealthy processed food, means overall your diet is better.  People in Switzerland are on average just a lot healthier than in England.

Famous Example
In an unscientific ad-hoc straw poll of Swiss friends we found a most extravagant friend who claimed to spend an average of 1000 CHF  (770 GBP ) per week on food.   This cost shows what you can do with a more or less unlimited budget and a delight to buy the best possible food in our local Globus and Manor food shops

In Switzerland I don't see too many overweight people.  I attribute at least some of this to the relative scarcity of junk food and the frighteningly high cost of all food.  As a guide I'd expect to double your weekly food bill and more so if you like to buy Meat or junk food.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Early Hours Creative Syndrome

Subtitle: What price Night Time Inspiration?

Every morning, almost like Clock work at 03.00 Marcus wakes up and finds it impossible to sleep.   At first I thought it was a Car Alarm, or some regular noise that was waking me  (er, but not my Partner).

But by a process of elimination things got weird

- It happens in the UK today and it my old home of Switzerland
- These different venues have different noise sources obviously, and in both cases they are almost zero!
- It happens whilst on holiday in country X
- It has being going on and off for over 5 years now
- It is not Caffeine Related
- How can it be exactly 03.00, I mean,  am I Jack Reacher?

The Good Stuff
The weird thing is at apres 03.00 I am most intelligent, most productive and most alive.   I solve problems better, I write articles better,  I do everything better.

Am I a genetically born shift worker,  or night-time secret agent?

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DPSD)
After some Googling it transpires that Marcus may have a case of DPSD, but in my case the odd thing is that I seem to be performing better at this early hour.  Typically 03.00 to 05.00 is my most productive window.  But it's certainly not the usual DPSD type because

- I get up fine in the morning
- I can easily go to sleep at Midnight or before, just that I still wake up at 03.00
- In fact as friends testify, I can nap (whilst visiting their House) at anytime!

GoodBye to A Friend?
Like most weird stuff, saying goodbye to what is potentially a disorder can be troubling,  especially when it seems to give Marcus a competitive edge / helps me to get my infinite list of things done.

But I resolve to try.  To Be continued.

Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder


Sunday, July 29, 2018

End to End Design

Marcus recently reviewed the Lezyne Macro Drive 1100Xl Front cycling light.  But I have a confession to make, it was not my first attempt at a replacement light.  The above one was.

May I present you with the 

I did the best research that I could and I was particuarly attracted by the fact that it seemed to use Industry standard 18650 batteries.  Indeed upon receiving the light I found one could replace them should they ever expire.  Fantastic

Lots more features

+ Rechargeable
+ Water resistant
+ 2 x Cree LED bulbs . (and I mean really bright)
+ Decent amount of lighting modes

The light weighs about 200 grams, which considering it's light output is pretty remarkable.   But the weight is in a quite wide and long package.

So it really needs a wide secure strap to secure it.

Instead we are given a thin, puny and almost loose strap, which is quite difficult to slot onto the light, and even when on backwards (my genius improvement) means the bracket does not sit centrally.  So there is a huge turning momentum weight on the bracket making it wobble and squeak under pressure.  It looks like it will just fall off, even on a smooth road.


No matter how many great features a product does have, unless there is good end to end design it may sadly be unusable.

This is a great example of a powerful tough cycling light, but with a bracket so weak that you will constantly be checking if it is still around and/ or hear some randomised knocking sound as it flops around even on a smooth tarmac road.

Hmm.  Not recommended.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Huawei, Products, Celebrity and Quality

Huawei and Celebrity

I'm a Huawei owner both of their networking but also Smart phone product sets.  And as such I have had between Brilliant, to Mediocre, to plainly disappointing products.

I came across the TechAltar Youtube channel which takes a different look at Huawei and perhaps answers some of the behaviours by looking at the company background.

Standing Tall
I always used to have a soft spot for Huawei because

+  They are proud of being Chinese and don't try to hide themselves as an 'International' company  (see Video)

+ They've been tasked with not handing over source code to their networking products.  But excuse me, is the Computer Industry the only one where sometimes governments make spurious requests to have manufactures detail their innermost secrets.  Do they make any other industry do this: Automotive? Chemical? Biological?  No, indeed not.

+ Huawei has shown real Hardware innovation in the Smart phone market

+ Keen pricing

-- Fragmented, disorganised product support, leading to user base alienation  (I experienced it),  I rate this as a rather tragic flaw

- Both UK and US Governments have implied some level of concern of code in Networking products, but I've not actually seen any evidence ever.

And given the US Government NSA documented record of inserting hacked code into US Networking equipment delivered worldwide I am somewhat affronted at this tenuous unproven hostile assertion

Overall Then

I don't personally like an sort of Tech Advertising.  I wish the companies producing excellent products would let Enthusiasts speak forth, to Marcus Celebrity endorsement always has me thinking: WTF!  (aka . Celebrities are just doing this for the monie$ ).

About TechAltar

(The Business of Technology)

I'd like to make a short plug of TechAltar which was recently added to my YouTube subscription list.  Ignoring all the ignoramus YouTube videos there are many channels that highlight the technical highs and lows of any product.

But TechAltar has some of that but also features like The Story Behind .  These give more of a business perspective as to why some Corporations behave as they do.

If you watched the above video you will know exactly what I mean.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Blood Moon Friday

Guardian: Blood Moon Friday

This is what most of us would agree to be the truth today in 2018, and Marcus and Agata will be watching the skies at 21:04 on Friday July 27th when the Eclipse begins for us.

The Important DifferenceJust remember it is thanks to Science that we now understand not only what sequence of events creates creates the eclipse, and how it actually occurs.  We even know in detail the motions of the planets so we can precisely predict when it is going to occur.  This prediction is not magic, merely Science.


Of course, had you lived say about 1800 years ago you might have consulted a different information source, one that you may have been told was quite infallible.  Let's check the Bible:

Acts 02:20

2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:

6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

2:10 The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:

I have even heard it say that some people today still believe information contained within this ancient text.  How quaint but also just a little disturbing.

Happy eclipse to all.

You See Red

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Too Hot Europe

Coolio: Too Hot
First I refer everybody to the words "In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country"

If I was merely a dumbass I could point to the heatwave that is ravaging my home countries of UK and Switzerland this year 2018 as clear contrary evidence to the above (idiotic) statement as contrary proof of Global Warming

Instead however I'd prefer to look at temperature trends

The horizontal line is the average temp between 1981 and 2010.

You see that since 1980 the annual temperatures in Switzerland have in general greatly exceeded the average.

For Switzerland then Global Warming Trend over time measured in years, is an observable fact

Here is a more detailed graphic

BBC explaining the Heatwave

Focus on the UK

Our return to the UK last week to our new home was due in part to the bone dry and hot weather conditions that we have experienced this summer. See Quartz for more details
The Consequences for the UK and Europe
In the UK, most residents crave hot weather, and it is a national obsession to holiday in places which are dry and sun filled. However after the initial eurphoria of a hot summer at home I would assess the situation differently

+ Reduced Power Generation due to higher temperatures

- Balanced by increased Electricity Demands on Air Conditioning

- Deterioration of UK roads, because materials used are not designed to withstand sustained hotter climatic conditions. Railway tracks are also affected.

- London Tube (Metro) system intolerable to passengers at higher temperatures

- Health Risks to Older People

- Significantly worse Productivity because people in the UK don't expect to work in hot conditions and large Multi Nationals aside, many UK office environments are not air conditioned

I'd comment that the UK government does not define a maximum legal workplace temperature, only reasonable, this really needs reforming.

- Increased Fire risks

- Redesign of Buildings required to reflect heat and incorporate Sun shades and baffles
Personal Intolerance
Marcus would comment that neither I or any of my Computers are designed to work continuously in ambient air temperatures in excess of 25 degrees C.

For a substantial part of 2018 in both the UK and Switzerland temperatures have exceeded this threshold.

As above, on first thought a hot summer seems like a plus, but when you factor in the loss of productivity to Industry I'd argue a significant minus

As I get older my comfortable temperature range for living seems to be getting thinner. And for the majority of 2018 it has been uncomfortable and unpleasant!

This Week in Europe

British Farmers fear fire

Kent fire Cambridge Fire

UK temps to 39 degrees C

Drusillas Zoo fire – 1,500 people evacuated in Sussex and drivers urged to avoid A27 amid huge 50-acre crop blaze

Greek fires kill 79

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Speeds and Feeds

Laurence Krauss: The Secret Life of Physics

Today I am on a quest, to make us all think about accuracy and scale.

It is a plea for people to consider and compare like with like. And today it is relatively easy for you to check your assertions or comparisons in just a few Google Internet searches.

Just Infuriating!
I often hear in direct conversation order of magnitude errors, especially when relating to technical matters that drive me quite mad.   Some examples:

The Wifi speed is about 100 Mega Bytes per SecondThe tyre pressures need to be about 200 psi
The Hard disk is only about 32 MegaBytes
My Home heating system is about 1 Kilo Watt in capacity

If you confidently talk to me in detail using gross errors of scale I completely lose faith that you know what you are talking about.

Some Actual Sizes
NVMe Read Hard Disk Speed Say 3000MB/second   (Mega Bytes per second)

1 Byte is 8 Bits and we can say it is a single character

48 GigaBits per second. Speed of the HDMI 2.1 interface

500- 4,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of Wheat

5000- 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of Meat

Max Battery capacity of a Tesla S is 100 kWh, with combined motors of 581kW (779 bhp)

The Energy Density of Petrol is 46.4 MJ/kg whereas a Lithium Ion battery is <1 MJ/kg

The electric Kettle has a 2000W i.e. 2 Kilowatt heating Element

Our UK Home heating system uses a 20 Kilo Watt (20 KW) heat Exchanger

My Solar powered battery charger panel is rated at 5Watts maximum, i.e. 5/1000 = 0.005 KW

Each of the 2 CPU's in my Intel workstation contains 3,200 Million Transistors

If you can produce Cycling power of over 5 Watts/ kg of your body weight for 15 mins plus you are pretty superhuman.

The fastest recorded Marathon which is 42.195 km was run by Eluid Kipchoge in 2:00:25

The Speed of light is about 300,000 km per second.

Travelling at Light speed the Moon is reached in under 1 second, whereas Mars takes over 13 minutes i.e. > 780 seconds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dear HP: I did try Switching it OFF, you turned it ON

Have You Tried

Subtitle: Following the procedure with HP Support

If I can address a secret word to any fellow IT professional.   What level of total and utter frustration do you experience when you speak to an entry level Computer Support Person, when you have thoroughly researched a problem, spent hours trying to solve it yourself, Googled the answer, asked another professional,  posted to the official forum.  And then on telephoning support be met with the most basic and annoying process flow?

Yes, we have all been there.

What you want to say is:  Look I've spent x hours of my time trying to debug this issue, and I can 100% say it's not something obvious, and here is the potential fault

What you actually say is:  Hello Mr/Ms x,  I will describe my problem and then wait for you to lead me thru the fix process step by step

By selecting the second route you need almost an infinity of patience as elementary steps you already tried are reproduced and possibly none of the more advanced steps are even contemplated.

There ought to be a 'professional IT person' fastpath option on the UK HP support number +44 207 660 0596, but of course there is not.

My HP Laptop Issue

About 6 months ago Marcus spent what I consider a fortune on a new HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop late 2017 . Model 15-bl1XX

It has worked fine since purchase, uncharacteristically I have not opened up the laptop i.e. NOT changed or upgraded any internal component.  Well because I bought the laptop at bonkers high spec, so for now it meets my needs without pimping.

Since upgrading to BIOS F.36 and then F.37 . when I try to shutdown or sleep or Hibernate the laptop, after the initial state change the laptop then wakes back up. In other words you can't shut it down

Because I have a poweron password set it halts at that point, asking for entry. And if the laptop is closed up and I went away, the fan spins at 100%, the laptop is ON, gets very hot, the battery will drain to 0% and I will come back to find a totally dead laptop that I need to recharge etcetera

My Past Form
I've been working with PC's since before 1980, building them, designing them, integrating them, so I have some experience in these matters

No Special Treatment
I do recognise its important to patiently go thru the official support process despite the fact that I spent hours researching the problem, and that my assessment is that since the problem surfaced immediately on the last 2 BIOS . (with only small changes to Windows 10 initially) it is most likely to be a BIOS issue

I further say that if HP would enable me to download an older BIOS and reflash it to see if this would remove the issue then we could easily confirm this is the problem.

On Monday July 23rd I finally have time to call my home support HP UK. I spoke today to Daniel and then to Adrian. Adrian is in Premium support group

His only PD was to ask me to shutdown the machine, then when it restarted itself hold down the power button for 7 seconds at which point it definitely shutdown and did not restart

We waited a further 10 or so seconds . (I counted) and then I powered on the laptop and we repeated the procedure. No improvement

Since I am on F.37 BIOS he said the next step was for a courier to pickup the laptop and have local HP support determine the problem. No further PD

Marcus's PD and Checks

Let's examine what lengths I have gone to

- Checked that only genuine Windows is installed, no beta software versions, all Windows fixes installed

- Tried Sleep, Hibernate and Shutdown options. All cause machine to restart

- Tried to boot from the 1 year old plus Windows Enterprise installer image. Don't install, but goto the Repair Option and from then choose 'Shutdown Computer'. Yep, it restarts

- Create a bootable Linux Mint 19 installation on a USB key. Boot from Key and then wait for all to load, then Shutdown. Yep it restarts.

- Checked the HP Product forums for others with my issue. Here is the link

- Tried restoring BIOS defaults (as per forum). Did not work, still restarts

- Reset TPM in BIOS. No improvement, still restarts

The complication is that I am temporarily in Switzerland, but all credit to Adrian he's organised a courier for pickup Tuesday July 24th from my Swiss address

I asked Adrian to report to his supervisor that taking away my laptop to fix was a 'totally and utterly ridiculous situation'. What I politely mean is that a BIOS regression to me was the obvious step and this way I am without a critical computer component I can ill afford to lose for even a day, and from the forum it seems that laptop replacements may be in order

I note that my machine has a UK keyboard and in CH Switzerland you can't buy a machine with a UK keyboard . (Dell and Apple can deliver machines with non local keyboards, do note HP ). So if they replace the whole machine I expect them to give me back a UK keyboard system! If it is really necessary to swap the motherboard then shame on your designers HP.

Before Pickup
It will take me over 4 hours to prepare the laptop to HP. First I've created a regular (non admin) account use hp without password and checked that the laptop boots onto it

Next I removed all the Admin and Poweron BIOS passwords

I have cleared the TPM in the BIOS, reset to default options

I have attempted to delete all personal data from my system (having a backup of that single component first)

I'm now doing a full system backup of the laptop which even to my USB 3.0 capable fast external disk will take hours

So all these steps take my time, which is quite annoying.

And SO

This is just the first report. The courier should come later this Tuesday  morning, and they anticipate a less than 14 day turnaround which is good because even 1 day without the laptop is painful. Further reports to follow.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Swin and Run == SwimRun

Marcus is happy to report that we finished our first ever SwimRun race : Xterra Switzerland at lac de Joux.  Will we ever do another one ? .... keep reading to find out

Another early Start
Yes, you guessed it, another early start, with the hour being 05.something; it was far too early for a Sunday I venture.  Anyway we were quickly up and on the motorway actually to the edge of the Swiss / French border that would be our natural route to get back to the UK.

Since we were undecided as to whether to compete at all or not we chose to signup on the day making it an even more expensive 120 CHF (about 100 GBP) to enter.  Thankfully this is the price for a couple entry.  Phew!

About Swimrun
Swimrun is a recent sport dating from 2002 near Stockholm Sweden.   It's basically a series of run then swim segments.  It is normally a sport for pairs because you need to perform this with a Buddy for reasons of Safety and probably also sanity.  Ideal for Marcus and Agata we thought

Some Preparation
We are away from our UK home with limited clothes, although we do have a Triathlon wetsuit and swim clothing.  We decided to test our standard clothing and not buy any of the special equipment needed last Friday ....

We tested it on the local Preverenges beach.  Hmmm.  Marcus was wearing Decathlon running trousers, normal Salomon running shoes and his White full length Surfing top, that I wear always due to my delicate skin and skin allergy :-(

Agata tested out with her Triathlon suit and Salomon shoes and socks.

We found out that Marcus' swim speed approximated to zero, this being due to his huge feet and matching shoes which felt like 2 concrete blocks around my feet.

Turns out you can use a Pool Buoy as a race aid, but nobody mentioned that to me.  If you do that (and carry it with you on all the run sections obviously) then your legs are sort of pulled up and you can just swim with arms only.  Anyway I had no idea on Friday and so this Sunday I arrived with the same clothing and Agata too.

The Course

So it is 6 runs and 5 swims and a total of almost 14Km distance

Our Race Report

Marcus made a small adjustment to his shoes (new insoles).  I was optimistic.  But it made no bloody difference!  At the first swim it became evident that my swim speed was still approximately zero.

Agata was very calm and kept with me, doing breast stroke, which swimmers realise is like a visual  "get a bloody move on husband" signal in a freestyle swimming race scenario

Since I was effectively wearing Running clothes I found I could easily go much faster than others on the run.  Many athletes were using proper SwimRun swimsuits which are thin neoprene and obviously are heavy, warm in the water, but we think must slightly restrict running.

However whilst Marcus was able to run faster Agata was only able to Swim (a lot !) faster, so we had to compromise on both running and swimming speeds as by race rules we had to do everything together.

In fact you are not supposed to be more than 10 metres apart from each other I believe and many teams have a cord, yes a physical elastic cord linking both people.  How cute is that!  They wear a special harness with a clip to which the cord is connected and also it can help hold the Pull Buoy.  Clearly in SwimRun to do it properly you need a SwimRun set of specific clothes.  And this most definitely include proper shoes that are small and light and drain water quickly.  Marcus' monstrosities only drained quickly, they still felt like 2 concrete blocks on my feet.  And to add insult to injury on the shallow water entry and exit sections they had zero grip underwater, so I could not even make up a few tens of sections by standing up and trying to run out.  Grrr.

We finished!

So in a mere 2 hours 11 minutes we finished.  Not tired at all.  No injuries or awkward moments. We are very pleased with our time.  I mean there were actually a few people behind us.  This is always a positive experience when you try a new sport :-)

We thought to register as EVT, our local UK club.

A large roasting Pig and Vegetarian food was available for finishers.


We had a wonderful time on our first SwimRun.   If we invest in a pair of Pull Buoys and practise swimming with them we think we could dramatically improve our times on such an event.   Then the next step would be more appropriate wetsuit clothing and maybe some SwimRun specific shoes if we got really serious.

Definitely to be considered!

We can't wait for our next SwimRun opportunity.  Thanks to Xterra Switzerland for a slickly organised competition.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Angst, Depression and Gruffalo

This is an extended moan about complexity and security and how performing a simple task, namely measuring my weight and then my Blood Pressure (ironically) took over 30 minutes putting me into a bad mood / state of despair

All I Wanted to Do
Was measure my Blood pressure and Weight and goto bed early, because tomorrow Marcus and Agata take part in a new Race discipline called SwimRun and we have a moderately early start and long drive.  Need to rest!

A requires B which requires C ....

I started off trying to use our  Nokia /  Withings Scales.  Considering we are on holiday I had chosen to setup a compatible Wireless Internet environment in our temporary accommodation.

But for some reason the Scales would not talk to the Mikrotik Router/ Firewall. Need to change / check password.

01 Logon to Nokia Health App on Android
02 Get scales into setup mode via Bluetooth
03 Scales need Wifi Password, I need to be sure
04 Passwords are stored in a secure Encrypted environment
05 Need to boot Apple Mac and start Encryption software
06 Get Wifi Password
07 Need to check Mikrotik router which our scales will talk to
08 But Mikrotik is not Apple supported so need to boot PC to run winbox
09 Boot PC but can't remember secure Mikrotik credentials
10 Back to Apple Mac which I unfortunately just shutdown
11 Reboot Mac, startup encryption software, again!, get Mikrotik credentials
12 Logon and verify SSID in 2.4 GHz band setup correctly
13 Finally get SSID password into Weight scale config
14 Finally take a reading

15 Try to make Blood Pressure reading but won't talk to Android
16 Will talk to Agata's iPad but Marcus is too proud
17 Several attempts at buggering about including changing batteries,  phone reboot, reinstall Nokia Health software later the device can be detected
18 Reading of my Blood Pressure, now a little higher than usual is made

Total time 30 minutes.

Our Security Strategy
- We never use simple passwords, ever, and I mean ever
- No password should ever be stored in any plaintext file
- All personal data we want to keep secret is kept behind a complicated encryption software suite
- No password data is kept in the cloud
- We designed a system that will be expandable and searchable for all personal data we intend to keep in our lifetime

Learning Points
I try to remain positive at all times.  I don't want to act like a Gruffalo. But sometimes I reflect on the fact that having a bulletproof security strategy albeit necessary in this modern world can itself be the source of great frustration and angst.

Bloody Terrorists, and Criminals, I will never forgive you.