Wednesday, June 20, 2018

That Football Season

As I pen this plea from very sunny Switzerland I first remark on the similarity between the England and Swiss flags, but for the choice of where the colours go.

What would happen if England is playing Switzerland.   Would fans and players and home viewers get as confused as Marcus?

Not Really Interested

One of the benefits of being in Switzerland during this critical time is that friends around me don't expect me to be supporting and talking incessantly about  the game or some game or some combination of circumstances that will propel the England team towards the final and then to win the Championship.

The Swiss in Switzerland are not great football supporters, but all the immigrants to Switzerland most certainly are. Car horn blowing seems to be a famous past-time when a particular country wins a game, sending that nationality into the streets of our Lausanne for example to blare out their horns ...

I am glad to see however that our local police have set limits on this kind of annoying shit!   After 60 minutes you will be officially nicked.  And that is official.

Only The Music

I struggled hard to find any positive purpose for the football but then I remembered the music.  Music and good cheer, they are certainly in plentiful supply in the streets of our local Lausanne as business's fall over themselves to help you watch a game.  In IKEA Aubonne this week they announced on the tannoy that you can watch a game inside the store if it is on.   And Swisscom is playing a good luck message when you call and wait for service.

Well there is just the smallest of chances that England will win, but really I would not place any kind of bet on it.

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